SOA Watch activists facing charges for street mural

SOA Watch Activists Arrested and Charged with “Defacing Public or Private Property” in Washington, DC for Creating a Mural to Commemorate Victims of SOA Violence

Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

SOA Watch video on Vimeo

Anti-torture activists demand closure of GITMO in White House protest

On the 23ed of May, the 1 year anniversary of an Obama speech promising to close Guantanimo Bay, torture survivors and peace activists showed up in front of the White House to call Obama out for this repeatedly broken promise.

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Putin-Xi Huge Gas Deal Could End Dollar and US Domination

 by: CLAYTON HALLMARK  The situation between Russia and the USA almost has reached a state of “hot” war. Usually that is what happens when anyone threatens America’s dollar hegemony, which really is its hegemony. Russia and China soon may arrange for payments on their huge natural gas deal (and later a huge petroleum deal) to be made in OTHER THAN DOLLARS – a “RED LINE” for which lesser countries have been invaded and their leaders killed by US forces.Russia is the second-largest producer of dry natural gas and third-largest liquid fuels producer in the world.

Russian SPIMEX Oil Product Indices -- Soon will include Crude Oil, possibly add Russia's ESPO oil benchmark to existing world benchmarks Brent (North Sea, world) and WTI (Texas, USA).

Another drone vigil shuts down entrance to CIA headquarters

On the second Saturday of each month, anti-armed drone protesters hold a vigil at the CIA's Dolly Madison Blvd entrance. Each time, the CIA tapes off and closes that entrance. May 2014 was no exception.

Photo by Ted Majdosz

Code Pink re-enacts deadly US drone strike on wedding

In December 2013, a US drone strike killed 17 people at a wedding in Yemen. On the 4th of May, Code Pink staged a drone strike on a mock wedding in front of the White House.
Video of the mock wedding and drone strike
Video of US Park Police woman objecting to chairs

Civil disobediance at NSA against armed drones nets 3 arrests

On the 3ed of May, about 20 antiwar activists showed up at the NSA's Ft Meade headquarters. Three were arrested after carying out a civil disobediance street blockade.

Organizer X Youtube video of drone CD

photo by "Harris from the Post" DC Media Group coverage

Guantanamo 2014

Speakers and footage from the 2014 annual protest against the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Still from the video

Photos from 4-12 drone protest at CIA headquarters

CIA entrance closed again!

CIA headquarters entrance closed again for drone protesters

Police arrest White House antinuclear vigiler in continuing campaign of harassment

On the morning of Saturday, March 29th, US Park Police again attacked the 33 year old antinuclear/peace vigil in front of the White House. This time they arrested the person at the vigil on a pretext charge so they could dismantle the vigil.
It didn't work. The activist being arrested (one of many taking relief shifts for Connie) managed to place an emergency phone call and a second relief vigiler was able to reach the scene before the cops could remove the vigil.

US attorney turns away activists seeking indictments against Obama, officials for drones

On Tuesday March 25 six members of NCNR followed up at the US Attorney’s office in person to demand action as drone attacks continue to murder innocent people around the world. NCNR maintains that the Obama Administration and the CIA drone program are in violation of U.S. and international law. Video posted by citizen activists to Youtube

When the six activists arrived at the US Attorney’s office at 11:00 am they discovered the doors to the public building were locked. A security officer, John Buffington, came out and told them that they would not be allowed into the building.