October 2016

DC Standing Rock Solidarity holds protest of genocide after Colombus wreath laying

On Oct 10, 2016, or"Columbus Day" the embassies of Spain and Italy laid wreaths at the Union Station monument to that genocidal madman who washed up half-drowned on the shores of Turtle Island over 500 years ago. Two days after that ugly wreath-laying, DC Standing Rock Solidarity held a ceremony of their own at the same spot. The focus of the Oct 12 ceremoney was indigenous solidarity and resistance to ongoing acts of colonialist aggression, especially the Dakota Access Pipeline aka the Black Snake.

All 5 tar sands pipelines into US shut down in NoDAPL solidarity action

On the 11th of October, activists working in solidarity with the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline shut down all five tar sands pipelines entering the US from Occupied Canada. Months of study went into how to shut them down safely by entering remote flow stations and closing valves. This is taking direct action to a new level-and a shot across the bow of not only the builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline but of ALL extractive industries that think arrests and police terror can shut down the growing movement against them. The 5 closed pipelines normally carry 15% of all oil into the US.

Very carefully cut Submedia TV/ninjas video of direct action to shut down tar sands pipelines

Taking direct action to shut down all 5 tar sands pipelines entering the US

Black Lives Matter shuts down NY Ave,Chinatown, I-395 exit for Terrence Sterling

On the 10th of October, Black Lives Matter shut down streets near the 3ed and M st location where police shot Terrence Sterling off his motorcycle for the 3ed Monday in a row. Terrence Sterling was killed on Monday, Sep 11 and motorists were advised to avoid the area every Monday until Mayor Bowser and MPD release all video footage of the incident,release full details on the killer cop, and both indict and convict him.

Video including an ambulance being permitted to pass at NY Ave,the Chinatown blockade, and the I-395 exit blockade

Circling up at 7th and H

Shutting down Chinatown, NY Ave, I-395 for Terrence Sterling

Black Lives Matter blockades Georgetown in afternoon rush hour

On the 7th of October, Black Lives Matter blockaded M st in Georgetown during the height of afternoon rush hour. There was no advance word of this protest in many of the usual places, a tactic often used when it is necessary to catch the police by surprise.

Photo by Carla Jenkins

Lockdown delays North American Gas Forum's tour bus to Cove Point

On the 5th of October, the North American Gas Forum at the Hyatt in DC scheduled a field trip to Lusby, MD to visit the fracked gas export plant at Cove Point. They were delayed leaving the Hyatt for at least 45 minutes after a single protester locked down to their bus.

Video from the gas industry tour bus lockdown

Locked down to North American Gas Forum's tour bus to Cove Point

Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux speaks outside courthouse after DAPL Pipeline hearing

On the 5th of October,the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit held a hearing on the tribe's request for an injunction against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline during the appeal process of previous decisions. The builders of this pipeline have a record of trying to finish as much construction as possible before court cases can be heard. After the Oct 5 hearing. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II gave a statement outside the courthouse

Video-Statement by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II in front of the courthouse plus some questions answered by the tribe's attorney

Statement by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman

Black Lives Matter blocks streets, chases cops off NY Ave for Terrence Sterling

On the 3rd of October, Black Lives Matter activists swarmed onto NY Ave from 3ed and M st, and blockaded it in memory of Terrence Sterling. Two burning torches were in the march and smoke rose from sage smudging the area. When police ordered the blockade to disperse, people responded by advancing on the cops, who retreated with the crowd in pursuit. Cops by this means were able to lead the crowd off NY Ave, only to kick off a long march that blocked many streets.

Video including Black Lives Matter pushing the cops off NY Ave, the bikers-and the name of the killer cop near the end

Blocking NY Ave, two torches can be seen in the crowd

Black Lives Matter shuts it down for Terrence Sterling

NoDAPL protesters in Iowa rip down fence, 32 arrests

Construction of the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline (Black Snake) continues except for the 40 mile segment near the Missouri River that has been stopped for now. Water protectors are now engaging the entire route. On the 1st of October, over 200 water protectors in Iowa ripped down a "security" fence at an Iowa DAPL site, only 32 were arrested. Two days later(Oct 3), five more sites where shut down by a "toxic tour" of 111 carloads of water protectors.

Trump hotel redecorated with "Black Lives Matter"

On the 1st of October, the words "Black Lives Matter" and words and symbol for "No Justice No Peace" appeared on the walls at the very front entrance of the racist Trump Hotel on Penn Ave. This is an extremely gutsy direct action, driving the message home to a place white supremacists wrongly thought could not be attacked.

This photo was posted to Twitter by April D Ryan of the White House press corps, slightly cropped to fit. It has been widely recirculated. Some are thus attempting to give credit to the White House for the direct action, but Obama does not seem to be the "Black Bloc" masked anarchist type...