Texas landowner speaks on TransCanada's bullying at Tar Sands Blockade film screening

On the 27th of August, the film Above All Else, about the Texas tree sitting blockade against the southern leg of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was shown for the first time in DC at the E St Cinema. The film showing was followed by a panel discussion about the pipeline and the tar sands blockade, featuring landowner Julia Trigg Crawford who recounted in person the bullying tactics TransCanada and their lawyers used to deter landowners from refusing to sell them easements to build the pipeline

Trailer on Vimeo for Above All Else

Landowner Julia Trigg Crawford speaks about TransCanada's brutal bullying tactics

Ferguson protesters at Dept of Justice demand arrest of Ofc Darren Wilson for murder

On the 27th of August, protesters gathered in front of the Dept of Justice to demand the arrest of Ofc Darren Wilson in Ferguson for murdering Michael Brown. They also demanded accountability for all other killer cops, removing all military hardware from police possession, and body cameras on all cops, all the time. The rally effectively blocked the Constitution Ave doors of the Dept of Justice. The rally was followed by a march through Chinatown to a related event at Busboys and Poets.

Video-reading of demands at DOJ followed by quick march clip

Breaking: Ceasefire in Gaza, Israel agrees to main Palestinian demands

On the 26th of August, reports emerged that a long-term ceasefire has been reached in the Gaza War of Summer 2014. Israel has agreed to open it's borders to "humanitarian aid" to Gaza, and to allow Gaza fisherman to fish from a larger area in the Mediterranian Sea. Israeli demands for Palestinian disarmnament have been put off for later talks. If this ceasefire holds, the people of Gaza will not only have suceeded in forcing Israel to the table but may have won their demands in this war. There are a lot of #VictoryForGaza tagged posts on Twitter right now, and it appears Gaza may have won this war. though at a huge price.

Code Pink protests at SecState Kerry's house for release of American journalist held by Egypt

On the 25th of August, Code Pink and area Egyptians showed up outside the Georgetown home of US Secretary of State John Kerry. They were demanding that the US Embassy in Egypt take steps to demand that the illegal coup government of Egypt to release journalist Mohommed Soltan, who is a US citizen with family ties to Egypt. He has been effectively held hostage for a year, denied medical treatment for a bullet wound suffered while covering a protest, and has been on hunger strike. The government of Egypt receives nearly as much US aid as Israel, even though US aid to coup governments is illegal.

Video of the protest
Downloadable audio-Omar Soltan speaks on what the Egyptian coup regime did and is doing to his brother

DC Ferguson march takes Chinatown streets for second night in a row