11 arrests at 2nd civil disobediance in two days at Solomons construction site for gas export

On the 4th of November, activists opposing building a fracked gas export facility at Cove Point staged the second civil disobediance in two days at Solomons, MD. Six activists entered the construction site for the pier needed to unload equipment for Cove Point and climbed to the top of the highest dirt pile on the site with a banner before being arrested. There were five other arrests including two photographers.

Video of the civil disobediance at Solomons on Nov 4

Siege of FERC continues with second day of blockades

On the 4th of November, climate marchers returned to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the second day in a row. Despite a heavy police presence they again blockaded streets and again forced FERC employees to step over protesters and even a mock town. The town is symbolic of all the towns destroyed by projects FERC has rubber stamped.

John Zangas photo

Climate Marchers march on Democrat headquarters, vow to obstruct pro-fossil fuel candidates

Hours after blockading the headquarters of FERC, activists from the Great Climate March and their supporters marched on the national headquarters of the Democratic Party. Marchers warned that candidates who accept fossil fuel industry "donations" and support their positions would not only not get their votes but instead find activists "getting in their way." This is a direct threat to obstruct and oppose compaigns for President or other office by Hillary Clinton, Martin O' Malley, or anyone else who does the bidding of the fracking, tar sands, and mountaintop removal coal industries.

Video of the march on Democratic Party headquarters featuring the threat to "get in the way" of runs for office by Hillary Clinton or other pro-fossil fuel candidates

Hillery Clinton and MD Gov Martin O'Malley star on this banner with other pro-fracking, fossil fuel fiunded Democratic politicians

Lockdowns, 25 arrests at FERC against fracking, gas export

On the 3ed of November, climate and anti-fracking activists blockaded all entrances to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC. 25 were arrested. Some of the arrests were nasty and two without legally required warning. Meanwhile, Kelly Canavan of MD locked down to a crucial piece of construction equipment in Solomons, MD, halting work on a pier needed for the Cove Point gas export facility. Fifteen more actiivsts were arrested at another gas infrastructure blockade at Seneca Lake, NY.

Video:FERC blockades and rough/no warning arrests

Lockbox blockade of the back entrance to FERC

Thousands protest Washington Football Team's racist name at Vikings game

On the 2nd of November, an estimated three to five thousand protesters showed up outside a Minnesota Vikings game to protest their opponents, the Washington Football Team and their racist name and mascot. Some wore "Rethink" jerseys in the team colors of burgundy and gold. Police estimated 3,200 protesters, others (including al Jazeera) said this estimate was low and about 5,000 protesters were present.