Dead fish for HRC, super soakers for Westboro at Pride Parade

The Capitol Pride Parade on June 7, 2014 was the least corporate Pride parade I have seen in many years.In addition, the so-called "Human Rights Campaign" was held accountable for throwing non-assimilationists and especially trans folks under the bus by activists who threw nasty dead fish at them. Someone later said "Choke on the bones, transphobe douchebags" in a Twitter post. Also on the scene was the infamously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church. I saw them chased out of one position after several parade floats opened fire with Super Soaker water squirters on them.

Video:Pride vs Westboro

Showdown with Westboro Baptist

Gas-guzzling Air Force sponsors Clarendon Cup bicycle race

On the 7th of June, the US Air Force was the lead sponsor of the Clarendon Cup bicycle race, as half of the "US Air Force Cycling Classic." I find it almost hypocritical that one of the world's largest users of jet fuel is sponsoring a bicycle race. A human-powered flight competition would at least be somewhat a match for them, however.

Opponents of LNG export at Cove Point protest at Calvert County Courthouse, tour affected sites

On the 6th of June, opponents of the proposed conversion of the old Cove Point LNG import facility to fracked gas export staged a rally in Prince Frederick, MD supporting a lawsuit against the Board of Commissioners over zoning regulations that are being ignored. Afterwards Cove Point residents led a tour of sites that would be harmed by the proposal.

Video of courthouse rally

Video-Calvert County residents explain Cove Point LNG export dangers

The scene outside the Calvert County Courthouse in Prince Frederick, MD

Wal-Mart strikers, JWJ March through DC

On the 6th of June, Wal-Mart strikers and DC Jobs with Justice marched through the streets of DC.

Youtube video posted by Respect DC

Pride week Bike Party draws hundreds

On the 4th of June, organizers of the Bike Parties held a special Pride Week ride, drawing hundreds of riders, including a few in fairy wings, glitter, etc.

Musical video of the Bike Party on Archive

Fairy wings in the Pride Bike Party