Argentina Lower House Repeals Laws to Support Hedge Fund Debt Deal

Argentina's lower house of Congress voted 165-86 to repeal two laws that blocked the country from settling its decade-long debt dispute with a group of "hold-out" investors. A US judge approved the $4.65 billion agreement on March 2 on the condition that Argentina's congress revoke the two laws.‎ Argentina's Senate now faces an April 14 deadline to also repeal the laws.

Donald Trump challenged to boxing match, promoter Bob Arum vows to "shut his mouth"

Donald Trump is famous for saying he wanted to "punch protesters" and for violent assaults on protesters at his events. Now he has been challenged to put up or shut up by boxing promoter Bob Arum. At an unrelated boxing match he vowed "“Any time he wants, all proceeds go to charity. Let me take on Donald Trump." He added "I’ll handle him, not like these guys who don’t hit him and treat him with kid gloves. I mean, he’s a disgrace. You can’t say what he’s saying; you can’t make these hateful speeches when you’re running for President of the United States."

America must decide! Bernie Sanders or Bob Avakian

Bernie Sanders and the (Deadly) Illusion of Painless Progress

Trump event in Iowa cut short after tomatoes hurled

On the 1st of February, WTOP Radio reported Donald Trump as telling his brownshirtss to "knock the crap out of" anyone getting ready to throw tomatoes at him. This came after a Jan 27th incident in Iowa were one person was arrested for throwing two tomatoes at Trump and another person wore a "Heil Trumpler" protest T-shirt.

Youtube video of tomatoes being thrown at Trump

Zoomed in still from the Youtube video.Red blur is one of two hurled tomatoes, it is really moving!