MD General Assembly passes fracking ban backed by Governor

On Monday, the 27th of March, the MD General Assembly gave final approval to legislation permanently banning gas fracking in MD. The bill now moves to the governor's desk for signature. Given that it was support from Gov Hogan (under intense public pressure) that got the bill moving in the Senate, the governor is expected to sign the bill into law. This will make MD the 3rd state to ban fracking, in direct defiance of Trump's pro fossil fuel agenda.

Oil loaded into Dakota Access pipeline, Standing Rock Sioux seeking court ordered stop

Update:Norway’s DNB Bank dumps Dakota Access Pipeline.

On the 28th of March, Energy Transfer Partners LLP loaded oil into the section of the Dakota Access pipeline under Lake Oahe. They are preparing to put the finished pipeline into service, no doubt delayed by repairs to last week's sabotage damage. The Standing Rock Sioux are not done fighting either: they are seeking court decisions to halt the flow of oil under the Missouri River and protect their water from contamination.

13 arrested in Annapolis fracking protest

On the 16th of March, 13 anti-fracking activists were arrested in front of the MD statehouse as they demanded the Senate pass a statewide, permanent ban on gas fracking. The bill has passed the House of Delegates by a veto-proof margin, but state Sen Mike Miller is reportedly sitting on the bill in the Senate. In addition, state Sen. Joan Carter Conway is suspected of planning to keep it off the agenda in committee

Video of protesters singing in front of the State House originally posted to Twitter by Chesapeake Climate Action Network

A Food and Water Watch activist is arrested in front of the MD statehouse at a protest for the proposed statewide gas fracking ban

Hundreds rally at the White House demanding resignation of Atty General Jeff Sessions

On the 2nd of march, hundreds gathered at the White House to demand that Trump's Atty General Jeff Sessions resign rather than merely recuse himself from the investigation of the Trump campaign's ties to Vladimar Putin and Russian intelligence agencies. There are many other issues with Session, notably his past as a Ku Klux Klan sympathiser and being passed over for positions in the past due to his racism.

Photo by Collin Rees

March on Trump's Congressional address ends with pot and pan banging protest

On the 28th of February, two different protests were staged against Trump's address to a joint session of Congress. The first was the Resistance Address in Lafeyette Park near the White House, where speakers condemned Trump's persecution of immigrants and the wave of hate he has created. When it finished, participants marched to Upper Senate Park, where United We Dream had a Cacerolazos going, a traditional Latin American pot and pan banging protest.Both the banging of pots and pans and the blowing of Vuvuzela horns could also be heard throughout the march.

Video of the pot and pan banging march and a bit of the very loud rally at Upper Senate Park