2024 Olympics sought by DC: the Eviction Games?

On the 9th of June, the Washington Post reported that DC is again seeking to host the Summer Olympics, this time in 2024. The bid to host the 2012 Olympics was defeated after protesters disrupted an Olympic Selection Committee event with a smoke flare and heckled the Committee at the grand reopening of the Wilson Building the next day.

Antiwar activists protest smear campaign against former POW Bowe Bergdahl

On the 10th of June, members of multiple antiwar groups and a Muslim advocacy group showed up in front of the White House to welcome former POW Bowe Bergdahl's release, the release of 5 detainees from Gitmo, and condemn the vicious smear campaign the GOP has been mounting against Bowe. One speaker condemned using a POW for a "political football."

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Huge counterprotest against Westboro Baptist at Wilson HS

On the 9th of June, Westboro Baptist had the nerve to take their violently homophobic message to Wilson High School in DC. They were met with a huge student-let counterprotest.

8 second Youtube video scanning crowd posted by WTOP Radio

Dead fish for HRC, super soakers for Westboro at Pride Parade

The Capitol Pride Parade on June 7, 2014 was the least corporate Pride parade I have seen in many years.In addition, the so-called "Human Rights Campaign" was held accountable for throwing non-assimilationists and especially trans folks under the bus by activists who threw nasty dead fish at them. Someone later said "Choke on the bones, transphobe douchebags" in a Twitter post. Also on the scene was the infamously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church. I saw them chased out of one position after several parade floats opened fire with Super Soaker water squirters on them.

Video:Pride vs Westboro

Showdown with Westboro Baptist

Wal-Mart strikers, JWJ March through DC

On the 6th of June, Wal-Mart strikers and DC Jobs with Justice marched through the streets of DC.

Youtube video posted by Respect DC

Pride week Bike Party draws hundreds

On the 4th of June, organizers of the Bike Parties held a special Pride Week ride, drawing hundreds of riders, including a few in fairy wings, glitter, etc.

Musical video of the Bike Party on Archive

Fairy wings in the Pride Bike Party

"Fitness Tax" draws protest at Wilson Building

On the 3rd of June, staffers and customers from several gyms showed up in front of the Wilson Building to oppose the extension of sales taxes to gyms and health clubs, calling it the "fitness tax." They complained about getting only 18 hours notice of the proposal, one that sank the last time it was introduced.

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Net Neutrality activists catch FCC Chair Tom Wheeler on street in front of FCC

The fight against paid prioritization of Internet content is not over. On the 2nd of June net neutrality activists returned to the FCC and by chance caught FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in the street as he left for the day. They asked him "which side are you on?"

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Critical Mass draws good crowd May 30

The May 30, 2014 Critical Mass bike ride drew a good crowd with a lot of new riders.

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SOA Watch activists facing charges for street mural

SOA Watch Activists Arrested and Charged with “Defacing Public or Private Property” in Washington, DC for Creating a Mural to Commemorate Victims of SOA Violence

Art is Not a Crime - Drop the Charges

SOA Watch video on Vimeo