August 2014

Video from Day of Rage Protest at the White House

A global action called by Palestinian Civil Society organizations to protest Israel's military campaign against the people of Gaza brought protestors to the White House in Washington DC.


The speaker is Andrew Kadi, Steering Committee member, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

Extreme rains put Beach Dr under two feet of water in MD

On the 12th of August, rain fell at thunderstorm intensity from early morning until mid-afternoon. That evening at almost 6PM, Beach Drive near Kensington Parkway was submerged under about two feet of water. Nearby residents told the TV News they had never seen anything like it.

Video of flooded Beach Drive on 8-12

Code Pink protests renewed US war in Iraq

On the 11th of August, Code Pink staged a protest in front of the White House demanding an end to renewed US bombing in Iraq. Nobody trusts Obama with this anymore than George W Bush, and the US is known to fight for geopolitical influence and oil, not for human rights or to rescue refugees. We shall see when all the Yasizi refugees are off that beseiged mountain position in Iraq what Obama's true intentions are with this war. None of us thought in 1990 that we would still be protesting the Iraq War 24 years later!

40 sec video clip on Archive

Gaza solidarity protest at Israeli Embassy

On the 11th of August, Code Pink and other opponents of Israel's invasion and siege of Gaza showed up in front of the Israeli Embassy, opposed by exactly ONE counterprotester. An Egyptian delegation opposed to the coup regime there showed up in solidarity. Since the coup regime in Egypt assists Israel in mantaining the ongoing siege of Gaza this was entirely appropriate.

Video of Israeli Embassy protest on Archive

Code Pink, VFP,Christian Peacemaker hold Gaza vigil at Holocaust Museum

On the 10th of August, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, and Christian Peacemaker teams showed up at the Holocaust Museum for a silent vigil for Gaza. Protesters have stood their ground after being "ordered" by security guards to move away from the museum.Holding the vigil there is an explicit comparison of the brutal behavior of Israel in Gaza to the way the Nazis treated European Jews during WWII. No other interpretation is possible.

Gaza vigil at the Holocaust Museum-Photo by John Zangas

Pro-Gaza advocates face off with Zionists on "Day of Rage" at White House

On the 9th of August, Palestinian Civil Society organizations had a call out for a "Day of Rage" and protests took place all over the world. One was in DC, where a pro-Gaza protest divided into two sections: one focussing on the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) call, and the other facing off with pro-Israel counterprotesters.

Video highlights of the protest

Syria/Iraq/Gaza unity rally faces off against pro-Israel rally

On the 8th of August, Syrians, Iraqis, and Palestinians gathered in front of the White House, holding funeral prayers for the people of all three countries to be followed by a rally and vigil. A pro-Israel protest also began to gather, and lots of cops were reported to be present.
Selected clips of confrontation, cut from Untold Carslyle Ustream video

Lining up for prayers-photo by "Harris from the Post"

Jewish Opposition to the Israeli War Against the Palestinians

These are the emerging voices of a new generation of anti-war Jewish Americans, the millennials, those who reached adulthood around the year 2000. They are opposed to Israel’s ever escalating war in Gaza and the unending Occupation. They protested at the headquarters of the Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) in Washington, DC. JFNA supports Israeli military actions, and says it does so in the name of all Jewish Americans. Which is not how these millennials see it. Video

Zionists, cops start trouble at huge Gaza march on White House, Washington Post

On the 2nd of August, organizers estimated 30,000 people took to the streets in solidarity with the hard-pressed residents of occupied Gaza, Palestine. There were at least three ugly incidents,one involving Zionist provocateurs, one involving the US Park Police, and one involving both. On the other hand, the massive march went from the White House to the lying, deceiving Washington Post, demanding they stop printing Israeli propaganda and tell the truth about Gaza. Upon arrival, coffins were stacked against the windows of the Washington Post's building. We shall see if that makes it into tomorrow's print edition.
Video-police help Zionist provocateurs escape prior to march
Video- Pro Gaza protesters lay siege to the Washington Post
Video of confrontation with police over arrest

The march sets out

Thousands march on CBP, White House demanding end to deportations

On the 2nd of August, thousands of migrants and their supporters gathered on the Mall before marching first on Customs and Border Patrol's headquarters, then on Obama's White House. They were demanding nothing less than "deferred action" by executive order in every last deportation case. Security guards at CBP freaked out when protesters marched onto the plaza of the Ronald Reagan building, aggressively ordering people back. Protest marshalls called people back, no doubt fearing that any arrests stemming from a confrontation would seriously endanger undocumented participants.

Video of confrontation at Customs and Border Patrol HQ

112 arrests in White House protest against deportations

On the 31st of July, 112 people were arrested in a civil disobediance against what the Sisters of Mercy called "Obama's inhuman immigration enforcement policies." Congress has adjourned and Obama's immigration enforcement thugs are still jailing tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and teenagers.

AP Video on Youtube

MsViriginaK photo from CASA de Maryland's Twitter feed