November 2015

Cops harass Black Lives Matter activists at SE home

On the 8th of November, reports emerged on Twitter that DC police from the 7D station shined lights into an activist home in Anacostia, and screamed at the women inside. Two cops showed up and shined lights into the house, then started screaming threats when asked why they were doing this. Cops also pulled over someone leaving the BlackJoySunday event that was being held at the house that evening.

Video originally posted to Twitter by Taylor Griffin

Cops harass Black Lives Matter activists at SE home

Palestine supporters jeer Netanyahu's motorcade at Center for American Progress

On the 10th of November, Israel's extremist Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Center for American Progress. His motorcade had to pass jeering protesters on the far side of the street. Not only that, as his motorcade was being planned the protesters were on the near side of the street. Had the protesters refused to move the motorcade-and the speech-would have had to wait. Until protesters actually did move the outcome of this was unknown to police.No head of state likes to run a gauntlet of jeering protesters.

Video-protesters jeer the motorcade

Jeering Netanyahu's motorcade

Jeering Netanyahu's motorcade

Climate march blockades16th and H, Palestine protest joins in

On the 9th of November, hundreds of marchers took to the streets for the "Our Generation Our Choice" march against climate chaos, racism, and militarized policing. Simultaniously, a rally was taking place in front of the White House protesting Benjamin Netanyahu's, visit begging Obama for more military aid. When the climate march arrived at 16th and H, they stopped and blockaded the intersection. Police tried and failed to prevent the two protests from joining forces.

Video of the march and blockade(2 min 30 sec)

The intersection of 16th and H completely blocked by "Our Generation Our Choice"

Blocking the streets during Netanyahu's visit over climate chaos and colonialism

Monsanto GMO research lab burned in France

On the 28th of October, Reuters reported that a Monsanto "research" facility in France was heavily damaged by a fire police believe was almost certainly set. The blaze began in two places at once, smelled of gasoline. The lab specialized in corn researh, almost certainly concerning genetically-modified crops. Although no communique claiming credit has emerged from any group, this sounds like Monsanto has run into a new version of the French Resistance.

Keystone XL opponents celebrate victory over tar sands pipeline

On the 6th of November, President Obama formally rejected TransCanada's permit for the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to cross the US-Canada border. After 7 years of struggle, the resistance is catching fire, and pipeline after pipeline is being rejected. With other pipelines in Canada also being stopped and oil prices plunging, tar sands projects are being cancelled and investment funds for "unconventional oil" are drying up. Protest WORKS, and on the evening of Nov 6 activists gathered in front of the White House to celebrate victory in what has been a long and difficult battle.

The victory celebration on front of the White House on the evening after the Keystone XL permit was formally rejected.

Banners at Skanska construction site redecorated over vivisection lab

Sometime over the Halloween weekend (also known as Earth Night), animal rights activsts redecorated banners on the fence of a Skanska construction site in DC. They added a reminder that Skanska is also building an underground animal testing/torture lab for the University of Wisconsin.

"Bees" swarm hardware stores for removal of bee-killing pesticides

On the 4th of November, activists from multipe groups "swarmed" into an Ace and a True Value hardware store asking that both chains stop selling neo-nicotinoid pesticides. Some were dressed as bees and one of them was a beekeeper and wore beekeeping gear. They delivered letters and petitions to both stores concerning the neo-nicotinoid pesticides and plants containing them, both of which have been implicated in colony collapse disorder and the massive die-offs of honeybees

Video highlights of the Ace action

Meeting with the manager of an Ave hardware store in DC

"Bees" swarm Ace against neo-nicotinoids

Anti-fracking activists rally at White House ahead of Paris climate summit

On the 3ed of November, Americans Against Fracking, National Nurses United, and other groups gathered at the White House to deliver the Global Frackdown letter demanding a ban on this destructive practice. Obama will be heading within a month to the Paris Climate Summit, and fracking is a major part of the US contribution to climate chaos due to the methane leakage it causes.

Huge banner drop against LNG export at Cove Point disrupts Monday Night Football

Bank of America is one of the major investors in Dominion's LNG export project in Cove Point, MD. On Monday, the 2nd of November, members of We Are Cove Point suspended themselves and a banner from the top deck of the stadium as Charlotte Panthers played Monday Night Football against the Indianapolis Colts. The banner read "“BoA: Dump Dominion," and was visible to an audience estimated at 70,000 people.

Banner is in the red circle. Looks small because this is shot from other side of the stadium

Antifascist arrested for wearing mask at NPI protest

On Halloween night, protests at the neo-Nazi National Policy Institute convention continued until the Nazis had to leave. At arount 10PM, all of the Nazis tried to flank the protesters by going around to the F st doors while protesters were on 14th st. Protesters saw this developing and charged over, getting there first. The resulting situation drew bike cops. Meanwhile, a few activists were still on 14th st. A white supremacist named Sam Dixon, former lawyer for the KKK, asked the police to arrest Sima for wearing a mask-and they complied.

Video of the "costume party" and the confrontation with the Nazis at F st as they left in a single large group

The "Costume Party" outside the neo-Nazi NPI convention at National Press Club

Antifa "costume party" vs NPI Nazis at National Press Club