January 2017

Counterinaugural protests, disruption, police attacks continue, parade marches unuusally late

On the 20th of January, police continued to fire flashbangs and pepper spray at determined protesters who refused to yield the streets hours after a potential next Hitler, Donald Trump, had been sworn into office. Cops reported "shooting at everybody" with chemical weapons. Anti-fascist fighters took losses to a mass arrest but there is a report that Richard Spencer got punched, and at least one limousine was attacked and set on fire. Meanwhile, the Inaugural parade did not start until 3:55PM, hours later than normal.l

Limo burning on K st.

Mass arrest of anticapitalist march after police fire tear gas, 270 total arrests reported

Update Jan 21, 10:45PM:All arrestees out of processing, right-wing press beating their chests about felony riot charges with 10 year maximum. Charges confirmed by DisruptJ20 twitter. The Daily Mail et all must not be familiar with DC's world-class activist lawyers.

Update 6PM:270 arrests reported for the day, 6 cops injured. Mass arrest FAILED to stop battles between police and protesters in the K st (lobbyists Row) area, which went on many more hours.

With trump supporters being turned away en masse from the Mall by checkpoing blockades, the police have turned violent. Hundreds of marchers in the Antifascist/Anticapitalist Bloc were kettled, then unlawfully mass arrested after police firing tear gas for the first time in decades only temporarily dispersed the protesters. This was the first such mass arrest in 14 years. People are showing up "covered in pepper spray" at Disrupt J20's rear area safe spaces. Reports of journalists being targetted. One ONE report of a broken window. Meanwhile down at the checkpoints, blockades are STILL holding out after 3 hours.

Video-police fire pepper spray or gas, flashbangs at anticapitalist bloc

Disrupt J20 photo of police kettle against anticapitalist/antifascist bloc

Disrupt J20: protesters lock down, blockade Inaugural checkpoints

Update 11AM:anticapitalist bloc kettled but blockades holding, Mall nearly empty. Chants of "you want a wall you'ge got one!" as Trump supporters (MAGA'ts) turned away.

On the 20th of January, protesters managed to get out in the streets and blockade Inaugural checkpoints in spite of a blizzard of harassment from Trump's paid unofficial brownshirts. Police as well were unable to pre-empt lockdowns that shut down multiple Inaugural checkpoints. They had to physically pry SURJ off the fence at one point. At 10:10 AM 6 out of 12 checkpoints were completely blocked, with passage through the rest slowed to a trickle. In 2009 terms this is "purple tickets for everyone.

DC Points of Interest for Out of Town Anti-Fascists

Let's be clear, DC does not welcome the Trump regime.  So, as you are maneuvering your way through the city this weekend, keep in mind  conservative think tanks, lobbying firms and companies receiving millions in disbursements from the Trump campaign are here too.  For the anti-fascists from out of town, welcome to DC.  Here's a little list to help you understand where some places are: Downtown and Dupont Circle and GeorgetownEthics and Public Policy Center: 1730 M St NW Suite 910Capital Research Center: 1513 16th St NWHudson Institute: 1201 Pennsy

Punches, gas can't stop the Deploraball protest

Update from Lacy Macaulay: "Meanwhile, @FoxNews reported a child started the fire at #Deploraball. Charge him w conspiracy too @JamesOKeefeIII?"

Update Jan 20: Ugly report of two after the fact arrests

On the 19th of January, rape apologist Mike Cernovich's Deporaball was held at the National Press Club. This "alt-right" event for the neo-Nazi wing of Trump's supporters. was named after Hillery Clinton's "basket of Deplorables" remark concerning racists and misogynists supporting Trump. At 7:30 PM, just after the start of the protests against the Deploraball,there were conflicting reports of smoke or mace used, along with sound of "explosions."

Video of the gas or smoke incident, Gavin McInnes assaulting protesters, and protest that continued in spite of everything

DANGER: right-wing operatives using surveys. hidden cameras to collect personal information around J20

Special Warning: Do not fill out "surveys" at the Women's March asking who you are or wear you are from.

Sit-in at FERC followed by protest at DNC

On the 19th of January, protests against the upcoming Trump adminstration continued with a sit-in against FERC's monthly "public" meeting, from which the public is actually excluded. A second protest was held at the offices of the Democratic National Committee, which fielded a weak, pro-Wall Street candidate against Donald Trump.

Photo by Unicorn Riot (they are in DC for DisruptJ20) of the sit-in at FERC

Standing Rock update: Chemical weapons and rubber bullets at Backwater Bridge again

On the 18th of January, as all eyes turned towards the Inauguration and related protests, police again fired chemical weapons and "less lethal" projectiles at water protectors at Backwater Bridge. This bridge has been barricaded for months and police have more than one used a great deal of violence there. One water protector said Standing Rock "looks like a war zone right now."

Update Jan 19: Linda Black Elk reports one water protector run down by police snowmobile, "unresponsive on scene. Transported to ER pray for her."

Photo by Rionchama

Massive Queer Dance Party takes the street near Michael Pence's house

On the 18th of January, a packed crowd marched from the Friendship Heights Metro to Western Eve and Tenneson St, as close to the home of Mike Pence as police barricades on the side street would let them get. Most of the crowd had to stay on Western Ave simply due to its size. The message of the crowd was simple: the hate and bigotry Pence stands for will not be tolerated. This was a Disrupt J20 and Werk for Peace event.

Video highlights of the march on Mike Pence's house

Dancing near Mike Pence's house

Refuse Fascism marches on Trump Hotel

On the 15th of January, refusefascism.org staged the second of their nightly street marches that begin with a 4PM rally at McPherson Square. This march went through Chinatown and then on to Trump Hotel. A tense confrontation ensued marchers surging against the hotel's barricades as security guards strained to hold them back. Eventually more guards and cops reinforced the barricade, foreclosing the possiblity of pushing through and storming the hotel-for that night.

Video including the confrontation at Trump Hotel

Guards strain to hold back the surging crowd at the barricades that have restricted access to Trump Hotel since the election

Ringling Brothers Circus shutting down, animal activists get partial credit

Ringlings Brother's Circus will shut down forever at the end of their Spring 2017 tour.A Ringling's spokesman blamed a substantial decline in ticket sales and high touring costs. He also said the removal of the elephant acts caused a major plunge in ticket sales. The Washington Post gave partial credit to animal rights activists for shutting down Ringlings.