December 2020

Cops assault jail support with pepper spray

On the 14th of December, MPD officers first assaulted and then pepper sprayed activists outside Central Cell Block supporting arrestees from Dec 12. All arrestees were released, but cops made one new arrest of someone at the jail support action.

Chuck Modi's video of the start of the police attack and escalation to pepper spray 43 sec

Chuck Modi's video "Police going WILD w/pepper-spray streams on people at jail support" 43 sec

Still from Chuck Modi's video of the attack

Furious fighting as Trumpers try to invade BLM Plaza after "March for Trump"

The 12th of December saw intense fighting all over downtown DC as another "March4 Trump" descended on the city. The Proud Boys and militias were with them, and attempted assaults on BLM Plaza ranged from minor skirmishes to a full-on charge. By evening, police lines intended to prevent fights had the opposite effect as anti-fascists activists found their access to their own side of the battlefield blocked off.

Video: Overall course of the battle starting mid-afternoon 6 min 53 sec

Smoke on BLM Plaza as attempt by Trumpers to enter BLM Plaza escalates to pitched battle

Trumpers and Proud Boys harass BLM Plaza, start fights all over downtown

On the 11th of December, Proud Boys and Trump supporters started out with small unit harassing runs through BLM Plaza, only to find cops blocking the last half-block N of H st, meaning they had to run the gauntlet in reverse. There were again also cases of people in the streets being jumped by fascists, including a confirmed threat to stab someone by saying "I'm going to cut you."

Video: Trump supporter violently assaulting Black woman on BLM Plaza. Both she and the Black man who stood up to defend her were arrested(Chuck Modi, 4 sec)

This fascist was challenging everyone to fights. Note the unmasked Trump supporters behind him

Trumpers begin attacks on Black Lives Matter Plaza early, on Dec 10

On the 10th of December, a small crew of Trump supporters showed up on Black Lives Matter Plaza and again began attacking signs. They got a single "Fuck the Proud Boys" sign down before activists responded only to be threatened with bear mace. The attackers declined a challenge to a one-on-one fight with their most aggressive and shortly therafter threw in the towel.

Chuck Modi's video of a Trumper with a pistol on BLM Plaza Dec 11 20 sec

Sign damaged by MAGAts on the evening of Dec 10

Congress Passes Shell Company Accountability Bill

By a vote of 84 to 13, the Senate passed corporate transparency legislation as part of the annual vote on the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation reveals to authorities the real owners of so-called anonymous shell companies. These types of corporations can hide the identity of their owner and facilitate crime, development aid theft and human trafficking.

Banks get Keystone, Line 3 tar sands pipeline protests, BofA shuts down

On the 11th of December, as Nazi terrorists menaced DC, a courageous band of pipeline warriors assembled in Dupont Circle and marched on DC branches of several banks funding the Keystone XL and Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Bank of America shut down their branch in response.

Video: tar sands pipeline protest shuts Bank of America branch 1 min 47 sec

Bank of America's Dupont Circle branch shut down rather than accept a letter signed by Indigenous women. The branch called corporate offices, which told them to refuse the letter

"Area cleanup" of overpass homeless camps limited to trash removal by community pressure

On the 8th of December, DC Dept of Public Works trash trucks showed up at the L and M st underpass homeless tent cities for a pre-announced "cleanup." Normally these involve forcible expulsion of all residents and large-scale destruction of property. This time however, community activists were ready and waiting, and the cleanup was limited to trash collection and removal of two abandoned tents at request of camp residents.

BLM Plaza fence signs gets some maintainance after rain and vandalism

On the 6th of December, activists at Black Lives Matter Plaza repaired signs and hung some new ones to replace those damaged by rain and by right-wing vandals wielding knives or razor blades.

Some of the faces of those killed by police, on display on the H st fence

15 Reasons Not To Kill Trees For The Holidays

Save trees, prevent fires and toppled tree accidents, conserve money.. some of many reasons to buy a tree which will last year after year, rather than a dead one. <!--break--> Preserve trees, prevent fires and accidents, save money, avoid landfill clogging by substituting a tree which lasts year after year, rather than a dead one.As of 2017, over 81% of those who had holiday trees had ones they can use year after year, not axed trees.   <!--break-->1. Massive tree cutting is the single biggest cause of global climate extremes, drought, fire.

The Shortwave Report 12/04/20 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from  Radio Deutsche-Welle, Spanish National Radio, Sputnik Radio, and Radio Havana Cuba.   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB}        From GERMAN

All Out against Fascism on Dec 11-12

On November 14th, Trump supporters and Proud Boys flooded into Black Lives MatterPlaza, destroying community artwork and memorials and starting fights with locals. On the 11th and 12th of December, they will be back. Against them stands a broad and growing coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist activists drawing from all over Turtle Island. We shall NOT surrender our city to racist terror summoned forth by Donald Trump! There will be activities all day on BLM Plaza Dec 11 and 12.