Costume Party at Tucker Carlson's house

When: Friday March 15, 6PM

Where: meet outside National United Methodist Church 3401 Nebraska Ave NW.

Costume Party at Tucker’s House
TUCKER CARLSON is so scary, it feels like Halloween. So let’s tell this slimelord how creepy he is at his home on Friday evening.

6 PM, Church near Tucker Carlson’s house

Surprise surprise. Tucker Carlson, that racist misogynist mouthpiece on FOX News, has always been a racist misogynist mouthpiece. As mainstream media sorts through his past comments, revealing that he has the soul of a lecherous swamp monster, much public outcry has ensued.

#CreepCarlson has made derogatory sexual comments about minors in the Miss Teen USA pageant. He is a white supremacist who has said that “white men” deserve credit for “creating civilization” and that immigration makes the US “poorer and dirtier.” He used unrepeatable slurs to describe Iraqis. He has used the worst epithets to describe people in the LGBTQ community. And he stated that women “just need to be quiet and kind of do what you are told.”

Carlson is a horror — and he is one of the most powerful right-wing personalities on television.

So let’s wear fun Halloween costumes and let Tucker know how we feel about his statements.

Important: This will be a fun, transparent, and safe event. It is legal to demonstrate at the homes of the rich and powerful. We intend for all to be conducted in a safe manner.

If you don’t have a costume, come anyway. There will be extra costume pieces and signs to go around.


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