Fuck the Police march descends on DC Jail for noisy solidarity protest

Video-march through gentrified areas ends w protest at DC Jail 1 min 6 sec

On the 11th of July, a fiesty "Fuck the Police" march out of Dupont Circle wound their way though wealthy areas of Capitol Hill chanting "Fire, fire, Gentrifier!" The march ended at DC Jail, where statements of support for people held captive inside were read and noisy chants reached those held inside. People held prisoner by the Enemy appeared at the windows to wave to protesters in response.

One person in the march had a partner held at the DC Jail, and was invited to the mic to read out her statement for her partner inside to hear. Guard were surely displeased with the protests (as they are with any distraction from punishment and suffering) but dared not intervene.

Earlier, as the march passed through Black Lives Matter Plaza, marchers encountered a dark blue SUV with Virginia tag VEN-8297 whose occupants identified themselves as Jacob Wohl and Jack Burman. They got on a megaphone, yelling a demand to disperse as though they were cops and claiming K-9 units were on the way. They had little effect but made two more passes later in the night, apparently trying to start a fight for the benefit of the police. Had they been successful, their very expensive SUV could have been severely damaged before cops could do anything, as an angry crowd can smash or turn over a vehicle in a matter of seconds. Of course, if the SUV was stolen or rented with a bad credit card they might not care. They were careful to stay just short of the legal threshold of impersonating police officers.

SUV posing as unmarked police vehicle occupied by Jacob Wohl and Jack Burman

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burman

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