Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC

Video-2021 in activism as seen from DC 16 min 40 sec

The past year in activism and politics, from the storming of the US Capitol by coup plotters to pipeline fights to the abortion showdowns

1: 2020 election battles culminate as fascist coup attempt storm US Capitol.

2: Jan-Feb: sudden vacuum as fascists retreat from failed coup attempt-no trouble at Inauguration. Giant sucking sound as combat just stops inconclusively

3: March: Anti-Pipeline and climate activism re-ignites

The Stop Asian Hate campaign and Line 3 fight comes to DC.

4: April: Black Snake marches begin. Matters come to a head in Minneapolis-and here in DC, as Chauvin case concludes and cops kill another. Fighting escalates until sudden victory in the conviction of killer cop Chauvin

5: May: late Spring, climate activism heats up and Biden faces demands to get serious. Pipeline fights get hotter

6: June: Line 3 comes to a head in MN, Capitol Pride returns as pre-Delta covid all but dies out. Nellie's Sports Bar fight gets going as security drags a Black woman down the stairs by her hair. Boycott empties the bar while protesters fill the streets out front June, July, and August

7: July: MAGAt events start showing up in DC again, more pipeline fights, videographer visits Grand Canyon

8: August: Mountain Valley Pipeline direct action blockade in SW Virginia. Home demo against Line 3 Chevy Chase, MD.
Antwan Gilmore murdered by DC police, street marches begin

9: September: Climate protests in wake of hurricane. Fascists return to US Capitol, Kavanaugh gets a home demo.

10: October: Women's March goes to Supreme Court as loss of Roe vs Wade looms. Week of spicy Indigneous-led
protests against fossil fuels and pipeline comes to DC. High Heel Race returns to 17th st. Protests begin at
Manchin's yacht

11: November: Abortion rights demos at Supreme Court, Sen Manchin runs his Masarati into protesters.
Extinction Rebellion stages high-profile boat blockade of NY Ave

12: December: Another major showdown at Supreme Court as another abortion case is heard. Patriot Front shows up in battle gear at the US Capitol only to be heckled by bystanders. Coalition of climate and social justice groups blockades most of Capitol Hill on Dec 7. The year ends with reproductive justice and pipeline vigils.

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