Fences go up at SCOTUS as nationwide anger rises, fighting begins and clinic attacks ramp up

Video-LAPD arrest attempt at pro-choice march defeated in furious fighting 48 sec of why they want this fence!

Video-Far-right storms building housing DC clinic 3 min 27 sec

By the morning of May 5, the tall fence previously seen at the US Capitol and the White House was installed surrounding the US Supreme Court. Some say this means formal publication of the draft decision is imminent. Angry protests are already taking place nationwide however.

This fence has become a very symbol of the descent of the United States into political violence. It was used in Summer 2020 at Lafayette Square after Donald Trump was driven into his bunker by protesters furious with the police murder of George Floyd. It was then turned against Trump, being erected around the US Capitol after the January 6 "palace coup" attempt by Trump supporters to reverse the 2020 election. Now we see the Supreme Court set up the fence as a shield against accountability to women furious with being told that giving birth shall be compulsory in half the states for religious reasons.

Already things are getting hot. On May 4 in Los Angeles, a police attempt to arrest pro-choice protesters ended in a stinging defeat for the cops, as their clubs were answered with skateboards used as shields and an entire scooter thrown at them. The cops were driven back, with Twitter trolls claiming they were "mobbed" by "rioters."

Well, it will take more than rioting, it may take a full-on insurrection. Otherwise we will soon see MAGAT sheriffs and cops doing things like using phone location data bought from ad tracking and app companies to investigate women seeking out of state abortions, followed by prosecution for "murder."

As of now, the far-right is ramping up clinic attacks,and progressive forces have put some points on the board of their own against a fake clinic, one of those so-called "crisis pregnancy centers."

On the 4th of May,far-right forces stormed a building housing one of DC's abortion clinics. They got up the elevator to the floor housing the clininc, then spent a while flapping their jaws and pushing fliers offering a bounty for information on someone alleged to be a staffer there.

That night, a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" AKA a fake clinc was tagged with warnings that they are NOT a real clinic and calling for an end to forced birth.

Fake clinic tagged: photo by Wayward Streamer

Fake clinic tagged: photo by Wayward Streamer

Fake clinic tagged: photo by Wayward Streamer

Far-right attackers inside building housing one of DC's real abortion clinics

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