Our Rights DC protests on State of the Union motorcade route

Video of motorcades passing ORDC 1 min 30 sec

On the 7th of February, Biden gave his annual State of the Union address, with barely a mention of abortion or trans rights. On the motorcade route outside, Our Rights DC held down, demanding that the ongoing state of emergency (which allows for Federal assistance) for covid not be lifted. Also there was talk after Dobbs of declaring a public health emergency over restrictions on abortion killing women, so abortions could be performed on military bases etc in abortion ban states.

The failure of Biden to use State of the Union to stand up to the GOP and demand the Dems take action on abortion and trans rights is just another running of this annual clown show: always a circus and rarely anything more.

Demanding that multiple ongoing public health emergencies continue to be recognized (photo by Our Rights DC)

Between the aftermath of the failed J6 coup attempt and the ongoing far-right insurgency in the US, the Capitol Police were not taking half measures.(Photo by Our Rights DC)

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