Weelaunee Forest: Police Raid Medic space in SE Atlanta

Video of cop cars at the raid originally published on Twitter by Max Granger"> 17 sec

On the final day of the March 4-11 Stop Cop City Week of Action, and just one day after an autopsy proved Tortuguita had been shot through his raised hands in the infamous Jan 18 police attack and murder, police attacked again. This time they raided a nonprofit community space used as a hub for medics. They arrested one person on an old TRAFFIC TICKET and badly trashed the site with no other results

Video originally uploaded to twitter by Max Granger at twitter(dot)com/_maxgranger/status/1634595107579236352

This communique was sent out concerning the raid and published by TV Channel 2:

Earlier this morning, 22 people have been detained by Atlanta Police Department and Homeland Security during a raid at the site of the Lakewood Environmental Arts Foundation (LEAF), a community resource that has distributed fresh food to the local community for the last 6 years.

The agencies entered the house with AR15′s, aimed long guns at those who were detained and refused to provide an arrest warrant, saying it was offsite. One person has been arrested for an old traffic ticket highlighting the desperation of the state to find any reason to make arrests to repress the movement to Stop Cop City.

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