Racist FOX News calls for reinstating dedicated jump-out squads

On the 19th of August, FOX News began their broadcast with over ten minutes of crime news, then ran a poll asking viewers if they though police street level vice squads should be reinstated. When pressed by Black Lives Matter activist over admitting that police jump-out squads exist, Police Chief Cathy Lanier blamed all jump-outs on street level vice units hunting individual drug users and small-time dealers. Previously she had denied the existance of jumpouts altogether. Now FOX News is blaming here decision to eliminate the police units blamed for terrorizing whole blocks for the rise in crime. There was at least 70-80% as much crime last year, you'd think from watching FOX that there was ten times as much this year. The takeway you get from watching FOX includes "aren't you glad you are white and live in the suburbs" and "don't you really wish there were more cops to keep down the "criminals" (meaning ALL nonwhite people) in the city so you can stay that way?" The advocacy of jumpout squads certainly implies this message, because police jumpout tactics are based on collective punishment based on race and location. When a jumpout squad sees one kid with anything that looks like it might be ilegal, that is considered an excuse to slam every young Black male on the block against the wall and demand to search pockets and backpacks. Intimidation is used to gain cooperation, any anyone emptying their pockets deemed in court to have consented to a search. Refusing to comply might bring an assault by police but will keep you out of jail unless the cops lie, claim you cooperated, and nobody has video or witnesses to the contrary. In short, jumpouts are the kind of tactics one might expect in Occupied Palestine or possibly in areas controlled by Daesh (ISIS). Jumpouts are nothing but terrorism, and not FOX News has gone on record as a supporter of this specific terror tactic by police.

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