Thousands march against the Keystone XL

On the 26th of April, thousands marched with "Reject and Protect" against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
Video of the Reject and Protect march
Video of Neil Young speaking at Reject and Protect

When the march reached the Museum of the American Indian, organizers presented the museum with a hand-painted tipi, days in the making. The march then went past the US Capitol and up Penn Ave before returning to camp.

It is interesting that Obama decided to delay making any decisiion on the pipeline just days before this mobilization began on Earth Day. MSNBC and Rolling Stone claim their sources inside the Obama administration indicate he has decided to kill the pipeline, I hope they are right. If not, we will settle for killing it one election at a time. TransCanada are fools if they think they can wait out the tipi camps on Lakota territory set by people whose ancestors lived in the exact same kind of tipis full time!

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