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Wal-Mart associates, allies protest punitive store closures over wage demands

On the 1st of June, labor activists and Wal-Mart associates protested outside the Ga Ave Wal-Mart. They were demanding that Wal-Mart re-instate the over 2,600 associates fired when five stores across the US were closed for "plumbing repairs." Pico Rivera, CA, one of the offending locations, was the target of Our Wal-Mart's very first walkout over wages. The closings appear to have actually been illegal retaliation for the demands for better wages and full-time or at least predictable schedules.

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Protesters at the Ga Ave Wal-Mart

PCJF and U.S. Gov't reach $2.2 million settlement over 2002 mass arrests, includes landmark reforms in U.S. Park Police practices

Model for 'best practices' in policing demonstrations U.S. District Court issues preliminary approval for class action settlement After more than 12 years of class-action litigation, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) has reached an unprecedented settlement with the Justice Department and the Department of the Interior that will significantly change the handling of mass protests. Presiding Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has issued preliminary approval for the settlement.

Empower DC visits DC Council demanding money to fix vacant public housing

On the 20th of April, Empower DC sent a delegation to the DC City Council to demand a total end to demolition of public housing. They also are demanding that that the 2016 government budget include money to repair vacant public housing units so homeless familes can move into them.

DC Residents protest gentrification at Mayor's State of the District Address

On the last day of March, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held her "state of the district" address. Outside were scores of DC residents excluded from the event-and apparently excluded from the Mayor's promises about affordable housing. There was even talk of housing that someone with a $75,000 a year income can afford being defined as "affordable." The "Real State of the District" protesters beseiged the Lincoln Theater where the Mayor was speaking and at one point took to the streets to blockade 13th and U sts. A key slogan was "Black Homes Matter!"

Video of the "Real State of the District" protest

Protesting "Condo Madness" coupled with demolition of public housing

DC Ferguson blocks 14th and U after Metro Transit Police shooting

On the 12th of March, Metro Transit Police shot and killed a man in the tunnels near the Potomac Ave station. They have refused to identify him and some media reports didn't even admit the shooting was by a cop! The following night (March 13), DC Ferguson met at Chinatown, got on the Metro, then got off at U st to block the intersection of 14th and U streets.

stirring video of the protest: never yield!

Breaking: DC 2024 Olympic bid defeated

At 6:30PM on the 8th of January, WTOP News reported that the Olympic Selection Committee in Denver has chosen Boston, not Washington DC, for the 2024 Olympic bid for the United States. DC is now spared from incoming Mayor Muriel Bowser's proposal to spend $5 Billion on the "Eviction Games," and from the wave of displacement, gentrification, and police brutality they would bring.On the other hand, Boston residents now have a problem and need to prepare for a fight to reject the Games.

Wal-Mart fails to remove snow from sidewalks at Ga Ave store

On the 7th of January as of 10:30AM, online complaints appeared that the Wal-Mart on Ga Ave had neither shovelled nor salted the sidewalks in front of their store. There was an online complaint from someone who saw an elderly woman nearly slip and fall on the ice. While Wal-Mart gets a pass on this, ordinary DC residents can face fines fines for not clearing sidewalks.

People for Fairness Coalition marches w/ casket for 55 homeless who died on DC streets

In the last year 55 homeless people have died on the streets of DC-55 too many. On the 19th of December, after an all-night vigil on Freedom Plaza, the People for Fairness Coalition marched a casket representing these 55 people from the plaza to the NY Ave Presbyterian Church, and from there to Mitch Snyder's gravesite.

Stirring video of the march

Homeless and supporters march to Freedom Plaza from Mitch Snyder's grave site

On the 18th of December, DC homeless folks and their allies gathered at Mitch Snyder's gravesite, then marched to Freedom Plaza to an all-night vigil for those who have died on the streets while homeless. Many carried signs bearing the names of people who died on the street. At the vigil a casket is set up in a tent representing those who have died, it will be marched up to Mitch Snyder's grave site on Dec 19.

Video-The march plus interview(begins 1:42) with vigil participant who discusses Mayor-Elect Bowser's choice to support DC's Olympic bid instead of helping homeless people

Setting out from Thomas Circle