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Statehood, pot legalization activists march against rider to overturn Initiative 71

On the 10th of December, opponents of a rider to overturn DC's voter-approved Initiative 71 marched from the Dept of Justice to the Heritage Foundation on Capitol Hill. Once in the Capitol Hill area they left the sidewalks and blocked streets the way civil rights protesters have been doing for the past few weeks.

26 sec video-We voted, we counted, you must respect our ballot

Protesting in front of the far-right Heritage Foundation: Julie Borowski photo

A Short Talk with the President

Eventually a sentence formed in my head that I thought got to the gist of things without risking my getting tackled by the Secret Service (I'm not as brave as the Code Pink women) and in a quiet moment while he was at the register summoned up as clear and loud a voice as I could to say "Hope you can close Guantanamo!"

DC Goverment helping Wal-Mart drive Ga Ave stores out of business

Respect DC is reporting that DC's decision to support Wal-Mart by relocating a bus stop to directly in front of the store and installing pay parking meters on Peabody Street has devastated nearby small businesses. One business owner was quoted as saying "I have customers that tell me, ‘I want to come to your store, but the bus drops me at Walmart.’"

We Act Radio posts video of council candidate debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement

We Act Radio has posted this Youtube video video of the at-large City Council candidate's debate on racism, gentrification, and displacement. Video about 2 hours, 11 min, sound low first couple minutes

Ferguson Solidarity march shuts down H st on Saturday night

On Saturday night, the 30th of August, Ferguson solidarity marchers assembled at Union Station, then marched on H Streen NE, shutting it down for over two hours. Cops were blocked from hassling stragglers and many bystanders joined the march. Eventually the march grew to a length of about two blocks of people taking the whole street.

1 min 20 sec video, clips cut from "DC Solidarity by Stream" coverage posted by "Gen Knox"

Full HD Video of the Shut Down H Street march for Ferguson

Photo cropped from Ben Norton Twitter feed, original credit given to Omar Alzayat

Great Zine On Collective Housing Strategies and Tactics

Hey Folks! We have just finished writing a zine on living in an activist collective intentional community. It was written as a practical guide with tools and references to assist in achieving a more sustainable approach to strategies and tactics for reaching goals. We approach this work from the experience in our shared collective narrative in an effort to ground much of the theory in our practice.

A FAQ on D.C. Voting Rights, Representation, and Statehood

During my 12 years living in the District, I have heard a lot of questions about, and uninformed arguments against, D.C. congressional representation and/or statehood. But I had never been able to find a single list of those questions or criticisms with reasonable answers. I did a bit of research and put together this Q & A. If you like it, please feel free to distribute it however you wish. (You need not put my name on it.) Thank you!

What is the issue?

Thousands rally for Michael Brown in Malcolm X Park

On the 14th of August, several thousand people in a very diverse crowd showed up for a rally billed as a "moment of silence" to remember Michael Brown, murdered by Ferguson, MO cops.

Video from the rally in Malcolm X Park

"News2share" Youtube video of smaller street march afterwards

Extreme rains put Beach Dr under two feet of water in MD

On the 12th of August, rain fell at thunderstorm intensity from early morning until mid-afternoon. That evening at almost 6PM, Beach Drive near Kensington Parkway was submerged under about two feet of water. Nearby residents told the TV News they had never seen anything like it.

Video of flooded Beach Drive on 8-12

#Ride4liberation: Against Deportations and the Occupation of Gaza! 12pm August 2, White House

CONTACT:For any inquiries https://www.facebook.com/events/1475475202699734/On site representative call 703 314 0456 ATTN: White House correspondents, Newspapers, TV, Radio, Online Publications  Ride 4 LiberationAgainst Deportations and the Occupation of GazaBike riders in DC ride to express support for an end to the deportation and criminalization of immigrants in the US as well as the Israeli occupation of Palestine  Washington, DC, August 2, 2014 – Bicycle riders in the nation’s capital will p