Net Neutrality activists smash old computers in front of FCC

On the 16th of May, net neutrality activists smashed computer hardware in front of the FCC, then loaded the junk into a trash can and attempted to deliver it to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The smashfest carried a serious message: that a non-neutral, corporate-content centric Internet would make most people's computers and phones as worthless as the smashed junk in front of FCC headquarters.

Video-smashing junk computers at FCC, then attempting to deliver them to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gets home demo for net neutrality

On the 14th of May, Popular Resistance showed up outside the home of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in opposition to reopening the net neutrality issue. In addtion, three of Pai's neighbors joined the protest. Net neutrality was thought to be settled law, but Trump and Pai want to reopen the danger of paid prioritization and throttling or outright blocking of websites that cannot pay for premium "fast lanes.

This 33 second video of the protest would become harder to access without net neutrality

Scenes from DC's Earth Day Science march

On the 22nd of April, Earth Day, Science Marches were held all over the planet to protest the "alternative facts," climate science denial, and all-around bad science spewing from Donald Trump and the rest of the far-right.DC's march too well over an hour to pass any single point, and the mainstream press spoke of "hundreds of thousands" marching all over the world.

Video highlights from DC's Science March

Protest Rally Planned Outside the FCC to Oppose 4G/5G So-Called “Small Cell” Antennas Next to Our Homes


The Wireless Telecom Industry is hell-bent on installing 4G/5G antennas and infrastructure in the public rights of way in residential communities around the country and is aggressively pushing legislation at the federal, state, and local levels.  A coalition of groups is planning a rally on April 20, 2017, to oppose the forced installation of 4G/5G "small cells" in our neighborhoods and to protect the zoning rights of local communities.

Chomsky at MIT: Between the war scientists and the anti-war students, by Chris Knight

<p> It is now fifty years since Noam Chomsky published his celebrated article, <a href=''>'The Responsibility of Intellectuals'</a>. Few other writings had a greater impact on the turbulent political atmosphere on US campuses in the 1960s.

Police confront student picket at MIT, November 1969

FBI demand to unlock iPhones draws protest at Hoover Building

On the 23rd of February, protesters representing groups from Code Pink all the way to the CATO Institute showed up in front of the FBI's J Edgar Hoover building to protest the FBI's demands that Apple help them defeat encrypted iPhones. Speakers emphasized that this is not about one iPhone but all iPhones. Several predicted that if the FBI is sucessful those who steal credit card information would also take advantage of it. A Black Lives Matter speaker emphasized the danger that police surveillance and especially phone snooping poses to their movement. She reminded everyone of the ugly history of COOINTELPRO and racist FBI suppression of people of color. To many in this world, the FBI is not fighting terrorists, they are the terrorists.

Video-activists warn true purpose of FBI snooping is to suppress domestic dissent

activists warn domestic dissent true target of FBI iPhone backdoor demand

Light brigade protests CISA Internet surveillance bill

On the 22nd of October, the Light Brigade showed up at the US Capitol to protest the CISA internet surveillance/data sharing bill. CISA is a bill to allow greatly increased data sharing between US Internet services and the US government plus all kinds of immunity from lawsuits and accountablity for the resulting privacy breaches.

Massive power outage blamed on hardware, not monkeywrenchers

On the 7th of April, power outages cascaded from Charles County, MD through PG County and into Washington DC. WTOP News reported that Homeland Security was inundated with calls asking if "nefarious activity" was to blame, but official blame went to failing equipment in Charles County, MD.

Net Neutrality Activists Assaulted by security at FCC

On the 10th of February, net neutrality activsts unfurled a banner reading "85% of Republican voters support net neutrality" in front of a Republican FCC commissioner inside the FCC. In response they were tackled and assaulted by security guards, who in turn threatened to charge THEM with assault. Even outside the FCC's headquarters security guards continued to harass activists.

FCC Commission Tom Wheeler (used to work for Cable TV) now says he is for Title II "common carrier" reclassification of ISP's, but Comcast and other ISP's are pushing back, no doubt callling in old favors. Mr Wheeler need to cut to the chase and put the ball in the endzone, not get himself whistled out by the people for delay of game.

Video-security guards tackle net neutrality activists inside FCC

Security guards assault net neutrality activists inside FCC headquarters.