Protesters disrupt FCC as 3-2 vote scraps net neutrality

On the 15th of May, protesters banged bucket drums and bells outside the FCC while commissioners gathered to vote on "paid prioritization" of content. Ignoring the sound of people's anger from outside, and ejecting four activists who got into the hearing, they voted 3-2 to permit "paid prioritization" of content.

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Occupy the FCC has 5 tents up, pickets the FCC every noon and evening rush

Part of the "Occupy the FCC" net neutrality campaign has been daily noon and 5PM pickets in front of the FCC.

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FCC "People's Firewall" occupation extended until May 15 vote on Internet toll lanes

The occupation of the area around FCC headquarters has been extended until the May 15 vote on net neutrality or the Chairman's proposal to do away with it. On that day a larger noise demonstration will take place at 9AM outside the FCC, to ensure the voice of the people is heard inside.

May 9th Youtube video update on FCC/net neutrality situation

Net Neutrality activists begin occupation of area in front of FCC until 5-15 net neutrality vote

On the 7th of May, Internet neutrality activists showed up in front of FCC headquarters, announcing the start of an occuption that will last until a May 15 vote on a proposal to permit “paid prioritization” of bandwidth They are demanding that the FCC reclassify all Internet Service Providers as "common carriers" like phone companies are supposed to be.
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