DC Ferguson Twitter posts blocked by spam, deletions

On the 18th of December, Twitter posts tagged with #dcferguson disappeared from Twitter searches unless "top" was selected instead of "all." Since "top" stories are old, this made it impossible to use Twitter to call protesters to assemble at a short notice time and place. Twitter themselves or right-wing/police hackers could potentially do this. For several days before this, a #dcferguson Twitter search would return large numbers of "falabeats" audio promos, and finally returned a half dozen pages of those posts at some times on Dec 18, burying almost all other posts.

Net neutrality activists disrupt FCC meeting with banner behind podium

On the 11th of December, net neutrality activists once again disrupted a meeting of the FCC, this time unfurling a banner BEHIND the speaker's podium while more activists held signs from the audience seats. Many activists were escorted out after speaking up to demand that FCC Chair Tom Wheeler quit playing for his old Cable TV bosses and reclassify Internet service as a common carrier.

RuptlyYTV video of disruption inside the FCC meeting on Youtube

Photo by Popular Resistance

WARNING: malicious wifi hotspot found near McPherson Square

On the 25th of November, with Ferguson protesters roaming the city, a wifi hotspot calling itself "Google Starbucks" appeared in the McPherson Square area. Upon connection I discovered it was replacing https certificates for this website and several others with invalid ones. Another connecton did not generate this warning, proving "Google Starbucks" to be intercepting web traffic.

"Party at the FCC" demands net neutrality

On the 13th of November, net neutrality activists responded to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's defiance of Obama's new pro-net neutrality position. They showed up at FCC headquarters for a party under cold rain mixed with snow, then took over the doorway in front of the building.

Video of the "Party at the FCC"

In front of the FCC's doors

Net Neutrality activists blockade FCC Chair Tom Wheeler's driveway

On the 10th of November, net neutrality activists decided to show FCC chairman Tom Wheeler just what the "slow lanes" he is proposing for websites that don't pay a premium to Big Cable and Big Phone would mean. They set up a physical slow lane just for him by staging a sit-in blocking his driveway as he attempted to get in his car and drive somewhere.

Youtube video posted by Popular Resistance

Still from Popular Resistance video

Net Neutrality protesters demand Obama fire FCC chair Tom Wheeler

On the 6th of November, net neutrality protesters showed up at the White House demanding Obama fire or demote FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, a former Cable TV company lobbyist.

In the face of extreme public opposition to his plans to allow "paid prioritization" or website-paid Internet fast lanes, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is attempting to use a "compromise" to reclassify Internet Service Providers as something other than neutral common carriers.

Video of the protest

DC cops caught using "stingray" cell phone tracking devices

A few weeks ago someone found that fake cellphone towers known as "stingrays" were very common in Washington DC, especially near government buildings. Now, has published a report that the Metropolitan Police Department is using them. The report states that in 2008, MPD began using the briefcase-size cell tower simulators they had originally obtained from an "anti-terror" grant years ago in ordinary "criminal" investigations. I strongly suspect that includes their illegal investigations of animal rights groups such as DARTT and of other activist groups such as Occupy DC.

FCC gets another Net Neutrality protest

On the 16th of September, net neutrality protesters returned to the headquarters of the FCC, where chairman Tom Wheeler is pushing a plan to allow "paid prioritization" of content from websites willing to pay internet service providers for premium access. This "internet fast lanes" plan would allow your phone or cable company to slow your access to videos from this site so that Facebook and Netflix would load faster, and could lead to the removal of most independent websites from the Internet if nobody can reach them. After all, the bandwidth has to come from somewhere.

Photo by We Act Radio 1480 AM

Net Neutrality activists stage people vs Big Telcos tug-o-war at FCC

On the 1st of July, net neutrality activists returned to the offices of the FCC, this time staging a tog of war between "the Big Telecoms" and "the People" with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler as a bystander. Suddenly, Chairman Wheeler changed his mind, joined on the side of the people, and the resulting greater force pulled down Comcast, Verizon, and At&T.

Musical video on Archive featuring corporate bribery of the FCC and Tug of War

Net Neutrality activists catch FCC Chair Tom Wheeler on street in front of FCC

The fight against paid prioritization of Internet content is not over. On the 2nd of June net neutrality activists returned to the FCC and by chance caught FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in the street as he left for the day. They asked him "which side are you on?"

Video on Archive