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Bernie Sanders Speaks at the White House NoDAPL Rally

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders addressed a huge crowd at the White House marking a national day of solidarity with the protesters blocking the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sanders speaks atfter 26:00 in the YouTube clip.

The YouTube file appears to have gotten corrupted, so please follow the link.

Black August Town Hall Meeting for Justice

Town Hall meeting of united organizations and activists against police state murders and mass incarcerations.

August 20, 2016

Host Organization: Gethsemane Baptist Church
Khalfani Drummer, Pastor

Youtube prohibits authors of poltical videos from selling ads-and some activists actually object

On the 3ed of September, an image appeared on twitter from an account simply labelled as "anonymous" with a Guy Fawlkes mask along with charges that Youtube is censoring activist video not be taking it down but rather by forbidding posters from selling additional ads ("revenue sharing") on them. Youtube does not consider social activist video "ad-safe," just as some activists do not consider anticapitalist video made for the purpose of selling corporations' ads "hypocrisy safe." For Youtube to offer to air the videos, just not to offer to permit posters to sell corporate ads on them is not censorship of anything but the ads themselves. The advertisers are unlikely to object to that "censorship."

Since when is refusing to sell ads on content censorship?

Verizon CWA White House March and Picket

Video of picket and march to the White House by striking CWA and IBEW Verizon workers.

Speakers in order of appearance:
MD Del. Jimmy Tarlau (D) District 47a
MD Sen. Manno, Roger (D), District 19
MD Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D) District 21
Donna S. Edwards Secretary-Treasurer MD State & DC AFL-CIO
Carlos Jimenez Metro Washington Council Executive Director AFL-CIO
Eve Lott Union Member
Willie T Perkins III, Union Member, and family
Andre Taylor "Bernardo" member 2108, union member, spoken word poet

Mayday reportback from DC and around the world

On Mayday (May 1), there were two marches in DC. One was the annual march from Malcolm X Park to the White House, which included demands that ICE be expelled from DC, that the TPP trade deal never be ratifed, and that area stores respect the Driscolls Berries boycott. The other march began at Marbury Plaza where Alonzo Smith was murdered by "special police" in Anacostia and ended at the 7D police station.

Video of the Malcolm X Park to White House march

Empower DC's video of a speaking stop during the Anacostia march on 7D

Marching down 14th st

Mayday march to White House in DC

Video-2015 in activism

Highlights of the past year in activism-a busy one indeed. Black Lives Matter, Baltimore, the TPP, the Pope, the Climate talks and protests and more!

Video-activism in 2015 mostly in the DC area

2015 in activism

Net Neutrality protesters demand Obama fire FCC chair Tom Wheeler

On the 6th of November, net neutrality protesters showed up at the White House demanding Obama fire or demote FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, a former Cable TV company lobbyist.

In the face of extreme public opposition to his plans to allow "paid prioritization" or website-paid Internet fast lanes, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is attempting to use a "compromise" to reclassify Internet Service Providers as something other than neutral common carriers.

Video of the protest

Great Zine On Collective Housing Strategies and Tactics

Hey Folks! We have just finished writing a zine on living in an activist collective intentional community. It was written as a practical guide with tools and references to assist in achieving a more sustainable approach to strategies and tactics for reaching goals. We approach this work from the experience in our shared collective narrative in an effort to ground much of the theory in our practice.

Breaking: Ceasefire in Gaza, Israel agrees to main Palestinian demands

On the 26th of August, reports emerged that a long-term ceasefire has been reached in the Gaza War of Summer 2014. Israel has agreed to open it's borders to "humanitarian aid" to Gaza, and to allow Gaza fisherman to fish from a larger area in the Mediterranian Sea. Israeli demands for Palestinian disarmnament have been put off for later talks. If this ceasefire holds, the people of Gaza will not only have suceeded in forcing Israel to the table but may have won their demands in this war. There are a lot of #VictoryForGaza tagged posts on Twitter right now, and it appears Gaza may have won this war. though at a huge price.