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National Airport gets protest against Muslim travel ban, court overturns this executive order

On Wed, Feb 1, as many as 1,500 protesters against Donald Trumps' (now on hold) Muslim travel ban jammed an area of Washington National Airport near an information counter. The protest began with about 600 people and grew over the following hour.

Update Feb 5:Federal court action has overturned the Muslim Ban, blocking any further enforcement for the moment. Due to a conflicting opinion from another court, this will go to appeals and possibly all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Protests in Annapolis demand fracking ban not Muslim ban

On the first of February, two related protests took place in Annapolis as Governor Hogan gave the state equivalent of the State of the Union speech. The first was a rally outside demanding that MD ban gas fracking outright, making the current moratorium permanent. In addition, a small crew planned to set up a banner inside demanding that Gov Hogan take a stand against Trump's travel and refugee ban on Muslims. They got in, found the action impossible, and set up the banner outside as delegates left

Inspirational video from the Annapolis fracking and Muslim ban protests

Protesters demand MD Governor Hogan support a permanent ban on gas fracking in the state

Capitol Police threaten arrests as mass protest sits in front of Hatch's office

On the 31st of January, protesters against Trump, his Muslim ban, and his extremist cabinet nominees filled the hallway in front of Sen Orrin Hatch's office. As of 3PM Capitol Police threatening arrests

#NoWallNoBan White House Rally and March

YouTube Live refeed of the White House rally and march to the Capitol 


Protesters, Democrats gather at Supreme Court against Trump's refugee ban

On the 30th of January, the Democratic Party staged a rally and press conference at the Supreme Court to condemn Donald Trump's unlawful refugee ban. Thousands of other protesters showed up. Even the US ruling class is now divided on Trump's refugee ban decree, with members of Congress marching out of the Capitol to the Supreme Court to initiate the protest.

Photo by Emilio Galván

Trump is After Us, DC Support Us Rally In Front of the DC City Council

YouTube Live video of the rally on January 26 to support the Muslim communtiy currently being targeted by Donald Trump's executive order banning entry to "foreign born" individuals from specific Muslim majority countries. This comes on the heels of orders to build a wall along the US/Mexico border , and targeting "sanctuary cities".

Protesters dressed as KKK forcibly removed from Sessions confirmation hearing

On the 10th of January, Trump's attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions began his confirmation hearings before Congress. He was known 30 years ago as a KKK sympathiser and this came up in the hearings. He claimed he would support civil rights, but anti-Trump protesters begged to disagree. Several were removed from the hearing, including two Code Pink activists dressed as KKK members to mock Session's past. Both of the protesters in the hoods were arrested.

17 second clip showing Code Pink mocking Sessions dressed in hoods and robes,

Photo by CodePink

Video: 2016 in activism-chaos, catastrophe, and resistance

Video highlights of the past year in progressive activism. Resistance to Donald Trump, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to police murder are the three main themes of the past year. Now we must prepare for the battle to come on the 20th of January, and the war against racism and white supremacy that will follow.

Video-2016 in review