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United Nations Townhall Meeting with the DMV: Police Killings

by Grassroots Media DC
On January 26, 2016, the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent came to the District of Columbia to hear how African-Americans are being treated in the United States. Individuals were able to give testimony during a town hall meeting arranged by Pan African Community Action. Topics discussed included gentrification, police brutality, labor, environmental racism and gender oppressions. This video is a montage of testimonials regarding the many unarmed Blacks who've been killed by the police, most of whom don't get national attention.


D.C. Mayor Calls for Warrantless Searches of Ex-Prisoners

The Real News Network:
The most Democratic city in the country is also the site of some of the harshest and most racialized proposed crime legislation

Protesters at Trump hotel project call for boycott

On the 10th of December, representatives of Code Pink and NOW joined area Muslims and at least one Syrian refugee at Donald Trump's hotel project on Penn Ave at 11th st. A huge banner with the word "racist" was held up under the giant "Trump" sign that some say violates campaign finance laws. Underneath, speakers condemned the incredible racist proposals that have been coming from Donald Trump's presidental campaign in recent weeks and called for a boycott of his hotel when it opens in 2016.

Video-protesters at Trump Hotel call for boycott

Protesters at Trump hotel call for boycott


by George Joseph, Intercept
In response to The Intercept’s FOIA request, for example, last month the DHS’s Office of Operations Coordination released over 40 pages of documents (archive 1, archive 2) detailing live updates and Google Maps images of Black Lives Matter protestors’ movements during an April 29th protest in Washington, DC.

An April 29th email from the DHS National Operations Center also mentions planned surveillance of three seemingly innocuous events, two of which were associated with historically black neighborhoods. According to the email, the DHS-funded DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency decided to conduct “a limited stand-up… to monitor a larger than expected Funk Parade and two other mass gathering events” in case “any Baltimore-related civil unrest occurs.” It appears that the only Funk Parade in DC occurs in the historically black neighborhood of U Street. The other two events, according to another report, produced by the DHS National Capital Region‘s Information Collection and Coordination Center, were a community parade in Congress Heights, a predominantly black neighborhood, and the Avon 39-Walk to End Breast Cancer. Full article

Confederate flag sighted on Ga Ave Between Olney and Glenwood

On the 8th of July, two men parked a truck with a large Confederate battle flag on the side of Ga Ave on the route to DC from Baltimore. At first the question of Klan activity came up, but on further investigation it appeared they were playing golf.

The Shortwave Report 05/08/15 Listen Globally!

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Baltimore abandons curfew after repeated civil disobediance arrests

On Sunday, the 3ed of May, Baltimore's Mayor announced she was giving up on the 10PM curfew and lifting it effective immediately. Also, the National Guard and out of jurisdiction cops are now supposed to be "drawn down." Since Tuesday, April 28 the curfew had been directly responsible for provoking civil disobediance protests, arrests, and fighting that at least once escalated to "rubber" bullets. The last two nights of the curfew featured civil disobediance arrests of mostly white allies near City Hall and police assaults on African-American curfew protesters elsewhere

RT Liveleak video: police fire pepper spray point blank at African-American curfew protesters Saturday night

Cops fire pepper spray at peaceful African-American anti-curfew protesters Saturday night. Photo by Harris from the Post