July 2014

Organizing starting in DC for massive NYC Peoples Climate March on Sep 21

On the 23ed of July, pro-Earth and climate justice activists held an organizing meeting at MLK Library for DC activists who will be travelling to NYC for the Peoples Climate March on the UN on Sep 21. The event is still 8 weeks out, and bus captains are being recruited so charter busses can be organized to provide transportation to this event.

Christian Zionist convention draws Gaza invasion protest

On the 21st of July, pro-Palestine protesters showed up outside the Christians United For Israel convention in the DC Convention Center. This group is composed of Fundamentalist Christians, some of whom believe the job of Israel is to start the war of Armageddeon against their neighbors, then to either convert to Christianity or be killed after the Second Coming. I received reports today of more attendees saying Palestinian children deserve to die, though none of the attendees admitted publicly to believing Jewish people are supposed to be next to die unless they convert at the Apocalypse.

Video on Archive of the protest

Breaking:Code Pink, Jewish Voices for Peace disrupt Israeli Ambassador's speech at same event

Mads Gilbert: Eyes in Gaza: What We Saw, What Can You Do?

The Carol Chomsky Memorial Fund, in conjunction with Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, are proud to present: Eyes in Gaza: What Did I See, What Can You do? Featuring Dr. Mads Gilbert Dr. Gilbert will address the US role in Israel's 'Operation Cast Lead,' the use of illegal weapons on a civilian population; the ethics of weapons' sales to countries that have used or tested weapons illegally; the aftermath of Cast Lead and the continuing siege and blockade of the Gaza Strip 3 years on. It will include details of Dr.

Thousands march on White House against Gaza War

On the 20th of July, a crowd estimated by some at 2,000 marched from the US State Department to the White House, demanding an end to Israel's deadly invasion and bombardment of Gaza. Without help from the US State Department and the Pentagon, Israel would be incapable of waging this war.

Video of the march

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Homeland Security fires on pro-Palestine protesters in LA

The war between Israel and Palestine has just come to the United States. In Los Angeles, pro-Palestine activists counterprotested a pro-Israel rally at UCLA and four of them were shot at by a Department of Homeland Security cop during a confrontation. Fortunately none of them were hit but they were later arrested and had to post $30,000 bail to get out.

Copwatch Report: Park Police enter Gay woods near Dupont

A Copwatch patrol discovered US Park Police shining flashlights inside the "Black Forest" woods west of 23ed st NW south of O st NW at approximately 11:20PM on May 18th, 2014. They seemed to be moving slowly, as if they were looking for something on the ground-or like they were in bear country, seeking to avoid startling anything more powerful than them. At about 11:38PM, the cops suddenly ran to their cars and left in a bug hurry, presumably responding to some other call.

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Angry confrontations at pro-Israel protest as ground offensive in Gaza begins

On the 17th of July, Israel invaded Gaza with ground troops, a major escalation in their second Summer War against their neighbors. That same day, Code Pink counterprotested a pro-Israel rally in Farragut Square. Their Twitter feed reported "Code Pink protesting against pro-Israel rally in Farragut Square. Very angry confrontations out here."

Die-in at White House protests bombing of Gaza

On the 16th of July, supporters of the beseiged people of Palestine staged a die-in at the White House, demanding an end to the bombing of Gaza by Israel and an end to US support for this bombing. A lot of weapons used by Israel are made in the US, and more yet are paid for with US tax money.
Video on Archive

Muslim activists demand community boycott Obama's political iftar dinner over Gitmo, Gaza, and domestic spying

On the 14th of July, Obama held an Iftar, the ceremonial dinner at the conclusion of the day's Ramadan fasting by area Muslims. A number of Muslim groups including the American Arab Anti-Discrimination league refused to attend and called for a boycott, instead protesting out front. They were opposing US aid to Israel's assault on Gaza, the continuing existence of Guantanimo Bay, mass incarceration and domestic spying in the US targeting Muslims and people of color in the US.

Video on Archive

Gas export protesters blockade FERC, 24 arrests

Shortly before 8AM on the 14th of July, activists opposing fracking and LNG export out of Cove Point or anywhere else blockaded all doors into FERC's headquarters. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC is suspected of being ready to rubber-stamp permits for gas export facility construction at Cove Point in Calvert County, MD. Cops helped FERC employees and bureaucrats push through lines of protesters, appearing at one point to use a pain hold to force a protester to let go of another. The blockades remained in place until about 10AM, at which point 24 activists were arrested.

Video on Archive in 540P half HD quality

Blockade at the front doors of FERC

Over 1,000 march on FERC against gas export from Cove Point or anywhere

On the 13th of July, over 1,000 people marched from the Mall to the 1st st NE offices of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They were demanding that FERC refuse to approve permits for fracked gas (LNG) exports from Cove Point, MD or anywhere else. Until now FERC has acted like a rubber stamp for fossil fuel energy projects.

Video of the march from the Capitol to FERC

The march coming up N Capitol street