Black Lives Matter Plaza vandalized two days before forced-birth march

Two days before the annual anti-Roe v Wade forced birth march, unknown attackers vandalized BLM Plaza with "Jesus" and "All Lives Matter" graffiti. "All Lives Matter" is widely recognized as a code phrase for "White Lives Matter" or sometimes the pro-police "Blue Lives Matter." The timing and the "Jesus" scrawl suggest a connection to Friday's march.

This is similar to attacks on BLM Plaza that used to take place in Nov and Dec 2020. In the days leading up to the Nov 14 and Dec 12 2020 Trump marches, Proud Boys used to try to tear down artwork at the Plaza. On the day of on Nov 14 they attacked again while most of the counterprotesters were still at the Supreme Court. A major Proud Boys attack aimed at destroying all then then-standing artwork on BLM Plaza was foiled by an anti-Fascist march that caught and engaged the Proud Boys on or near 11th st. Anti-Fascist activists halted that attack but paid a considerable price, with one person stabbed and many beaten. On Dec 12 the Proud Boys were physically prevented from reaching BLM Plaza by a guard force of over 1,000 antifascist fighters. MPD, not wanting a repeat of the Nov 14 battle on a ten times larger scale blocked the Proud Boys from getting anywhere near the Plaza that night.

Now it looks like history may be about to repeat itself. It is known that Patriot Front intends to march with the so-called "March for Life" on Friday, Jan 21. It is also known the Proud Boys themselves are planning on participating in a Sunday Jan 23 anti-vaccine mandate protest, and that attempts to enter unwilling venues are planned. It is unknown whether the Jan 19th attack on Black Lives Matter Plaza was the work of unaffiliated Christian fundamentalist, Proud Boys, or Patriot Front members. All of them however should be presumed a threat.

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