Animal Rights

Lawsuit fails to win injunction against "managed hunts" to cull deer in Montgomery County, MD

On the 15th of September, two handpicked groups of archers will begin shooting deer in a "managed hunt in two Montgomery County parks. A lawsuit by a Bethesda resident and PETA is seeking to halt this hunt, a curious hybrid of conventional deer hunting and police/ranger deer culling programs. On September 11th, the court refused to grant an injunction to halt the shooting while the case is heard on it's merits.

Video of Seneca Creek stream valley park near one of the signs announcing a "managed hunt" area

No New Animal Lab protests Skanska office in Rosslyn

The University of Washington has employed the multinational construction firm Skanska to build an underground vivisection laboratory for them. Underground it will be out of sight and armored against attack. The global No New Animal Lab campaign is mounting a pressure campaign to force Skanska to drop their contract and halt contruction of this torture chamber. On September 9, they showed up in front of Skanska's offices in Rosslyn, Virginia with signs and bullhorns for a noisy and graphic protest.

Video highlights of the Skanska office demo

Vivisection: If you build it they will come...

Code Pink, Yemenis protest Saudi King, disrupt Saudi investment forum

On the 4th of September, Saudi King Salman visited the White House. His country is waging war on the people of Yemen and flogging people for trifles. Outside the White House, Code Pink and Yemenis protested that he would have the nerve to show his face in the US. Afterwards they marched to a nearby Saudi investment forum and protested again. Medea Benjamin was dragged out of that event after managing in classic Code Pink style to get inside.

Code Pink video of White House protest against King Salman

Media Benjamin being dragged out of the U.S.-Saudi Investment Forum

 King Salman's reputation gets a whipping at the White House

Direct Action Everywhere disrupts Maryland State Fair over animal abuse

On the 31st of August, Direct Action Everywhere activists disrupted the Maryland State Fair where children are brainwashed into objectifying other animals to enable the exploiters to continue profiting from the animal slaughter. Row after row of animals were kept in pens as humans walked by gawking at them. Children aggressively led or rode animals around rings hoping to win ribbons. Animals who resisted, with eyes wide with fear, were forcefully controlled.

Video: Cows abused, activists hustled out of fair

Hook used on cows at MD State fair. Looks like a bullhook used by circuses on elephants

Cows bulhooked, activists hustled out of MD State Fair

Animal rights protesters hit Starbucks, Whole Foods in Baltimore

On the 15th of August, vegan protesters from Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) protested inside first a Starbucks and then a Whole Foods in Baltimore. In both cases the issue was the sale of animal products. At Whole Foods extra attention was paid to the fake "cruelty-free" marketing Whole Foods is known for.
Youtube video from the Starbucks protest

Youtube video from the Whole Foods protest

Protesters inside a Starbucks in Baltimore

Vegan activists disrupt shopping at Rockville Whole Foods store

On the 9th of August, Vegan activists from Direct Action Everywhere entered the Whole Foods on Rockville Pike in MD and staged a noisy speakout at the back of the meat section. Protesters charged that ALL animal products sold as "humane" at Whole Foods are just as fraudulent as the now notorious eggs from caged hens, and that these labels are meaningess.

Youtube video of Aug 10 in-store protest

Protesters storm, disrupt P st Whole Foods over fake "cruelty-free" foods

On the 3rd of August, Vegan activists from Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) swarmed into and disrupted shopping at the Whole Foods at 14th and P sts NW. A DXE investigation Youtube video found that Whole Foods is marketing factory farm products such as eggs from collectively caged hens as "cruelty-free." DXE called the Whole Foods marketing and endorsements from some animal welfare groups the "invasion of the movement snatchers." The "cruelty-free" eggs are just one example of fraudulent marketing of factory farm products at Whole Foods and suggest many more similar examples

Video-protesters inside Whole Foods plus clip from inside "humane" egg farm

Same video on Liveleak

Inside whole foods-protesting fake "cruelty free" and the reality behind it

Bunny Alliance protests Delta's vivisection flights at National Airport

Delta Airlines has a "strategic partnership" with Air France, one of the few remaining airlines that will fly monkeys and other animals to vivisction labs for a life of torture. Due to the partnership, some of the animals fly on Delta's planes. On the 3ed of August, the Bunny Alliance deployed from the Animal Rights 2015 convention to National Airport to demand Delta stop flying animals to labs and demand the same of Air France. On the same day, Delta announced they will no longer fly dead animals for trophy hunters in response to the lion who was killed by an American poacher. The Bunny Alliance asks that the same courtesy also be extended to live animals.

Video of Delta/Air France protest at Ronald Raygun National Airport

Neighbors of Skanska VP get home visits from No New Animal Lab campaign

Stephen Skinner is Executive VP and General Managert of the building division of Skanska. Skanska is the construction company currently attempting to build a new underground primate vivisection lab at University of Washington. On the 1st of August, animal rights activists took time off from the Animal Rights 2015 convention to canvass Stephen Skinner's neighbors. Fliers went out and neighbors who cared were asked to sign letters requesting that Mr Skinner use his position to halt construction of the underground monkey torture dungeon now being built at Univerity of Washington.

Video-activists near Stephen Skinner's home

Entering Stephen Skinner's street

Skanska VP gets home demo against his company building vivisection lab

On the evening of July 23, DC Stampede visited Mongomery Villager, MD, home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska USA Building. They found most of his neighbors disapproved of his company's work at University of Washington (state) building a new vivisection laboratory. Four signed letters asking him to drop the contract.