Animal Rights

Skanska executives get more home demos over U-WA vivisection lab contract

Over the weekend of July 9-10, DC Stampede and Tidewater Earth First! combined forces to protest at the homes of three executives of Skanska USA ijn Virginia. There is a report that police used a pretext traffic stop against one of the activist cars to bully and intimidate the passengers in the car demanding personal information. Skanska is building a new vivisevction laboratory for the University of Washington, and the national No New Anijal Lab campaign has sworn to prevent it from ever opening.

Activists threatened with arrest for protest calling zoo a prison for animals

On the 3ed of July, activists from Direct Action Everywhere showed up at the National Zoo with fliers, signs, and a bullhorn denouncing the zoo as a prison for animals. Zoos have been compared to life in prison with no parole before. The comparison made the zoo sufficiently uncomfortable that as soon as the bullhorn started up, zoo cops responded, trying to claim ownership of the sidewalk in front of the zoo. Protesters rejected that lie, and both Park Police and MPD showed up, in the end reminding the zoo police that the zoo does not in fact own the sidewalk. Many times security guards have made that claim at a protest, and time after time even the police have had to admit this claim is a lie.

Video of the zoo protest and zoo cops trying to claim ownership of the sidewalk

Cops at zoo threaten arrest after protesters compare zoo to prison over bullhorn

Anti-vivisection activists begin campaign against Skanska's business partners

On the 4th of April, anti-vivisection activists showed up in front of the offices of BlackRock, which holds over 7 million shares of stock in Skanska USA construction. Skanska is building what is essentially a buried fortress vivisection laboratory for University of Washington. There were protests against BlackRock and other Skanska investors all over the continent on April 4. Here in DC activists began by fliering people going into BlackRock's building, following up on polite letters which have been ignored. This is the opening round of the DC portion of the "fracture their finances" campaign

Downloadable copy of No New Animal Lab campaign flier distributed outside BlackRock

Preparing to flier BlackRock's staffers and those in other offices in the same building

Ringling Brothers Circus draws protest for their animal abuse

On the evening of April 1 and afternoon of April 2, animal rights activists showed up outside Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, notorious for beating and chaining elephants, tigers, and other animals. At prior protests circus attendees have reported seeing animals beaten on-stage. This time around, protesters were emphasizing that Ringling's promise to "retire" the elephants after this year is a hoax, as the elephants are to be returned to the "Conservation for Elephant Conservation." That is Ringling's elephant training facility where most of the beatings and torture occur.

Video highlights of the April 1 and April 2 Ringings protests

Outside the Verizon Center on the second day of the circus

Calling out Ringling Bros circus for animal abuse

Skanska execs, neighbors get anti-viviseection valentines

on Feb 15, Valentine's Day, animal rights activists distributed hundreds of valentines to Skanska executives and their neighbors, asking that construction company Skanska USA drop their contract with University of Washington to build an underground "primate reseach center" or vivisection lab.

Skanska files SLAPP suit seeking injunction against vivisection protests

In Portland, Oregon,two executives at Skanska have filed papers with the Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro, OR seeking an injunction against 4 animal rights activsts and the "No New Animal Lab" campaign against Skanska's project to build a vivisection laboratory for the University of Washington. This injunction would not bind activists in DC, New York, or anywhere but in the jurisdiction in question and only from that one organization. No New Animal Lab has counterfiled a anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike against Skanska.

Video and Final reportback from #StormSkanska weekend of action

We have been campaigning against Skanska for over a year. On January 1, 2015, Richard Cavallaro took the position of CEO and President of Skanska USA, succeeding company veteran Michael McNally. The campaign to stop the Animal Research & Care Facility had recently been consolidated under the banner No New Animal Lab, and we made the point to inaugurate Richard with a simple letter, which urged him to cancel Skanska's contract with the University of Washington and all plans to build an underground torture chamber for animals. Unfortunately, we had no hope that Richard would be diverted from his profit-seeking motives, and so we began efforts to #StormSkanska.

Official #StormSkanska Swarm New York video, hosted on Vimeo

The Siege of Skanska escalates! Scaling ladder brought to the home of Skanska USA CEO Richard Cavallaro to hang banner from the roof leads to two rough arrests.

Two assaulted and arrested at NY protest at Skanska CEO's house over animal lab

On the 16th of January, the #StormSkanska protests against Skanska's vivisection lab construction contract at University of Washington visited the home of Richard Cavallaro, CEO of Skanska USA. Two of the protesters were assaulted and arrested by police, triggering a jail solidarity march on presumably the police station or jail where they are being held as this is written. Skanska USA is building an underground vivisection laboratory for University of Washington.

Vivisection protesters besiege Skanska's NY offices at Empire State Building

On the 15th of January, the #StormSkanska protests kicked off in NYC with an estimated 150 protesters outside their offices at the Empire State Building. Skanska is a huge multinational construction corporation which is building a high-security, underground vivisection laboratory for University of Washington. Activists are determined to prevent this torture facility from ever being finished no matter what it takes. The Jan 15 office demo is just the beginning of a furious weekend of action against Skanska at their New York City offices.