Animal Rights

Protest held against Park Police shooting deer in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Park Police are shooting deer in Rock Creek park and elsewhere in MD, once again claiming there are "too many" of them in an area dominated by human overpopulation. On the 6th of February area residents outraged by these "culls" showed up at the intersection of Beach Drive and MD rt 410 with banners denouncing the killing. Many of the banners advocated "birth control instead of bullets," a population control measure sucessfully used in other areas that have decided they have too many deer.

Video of the protest

Park Service killing deer in Montgomery County, MD section of Rock Creek Park

While the NPS has finished killing deer in Rock Creek Park for the seasion, the Maryland National Capitol Park Police have started shooting deer themselves on the MD side of the state line. On Jan 28, activists tracked the man putting out corn bait to one exact site where deer are being shot.

Video of the sucessful tracking session to find the place where deer are being killed near Beach Drive in MD

Entry to the area on the side of Rock Creek Park oppposite from Jones Mill Road on the creek itself.

Rock Creek deer killers disappear after possible intercepted activist phone calls, emails

On the 11th of December, I found roads in Rock Creek Park barricaded in preparation for "Deer Removal" or the shooting of deer by USDA "wildlife Services" at about 6:30PM. By 10:30 PM, after a flury of phone calls in an effort to organize a hasty street protest, all the barricades were gone and the killers nowhere to be found.

Second night of Rock Creek deer shooting draws protesters

Late night on Dec 9, the National Park Service began shooting deer for the second night in a row. This time they had some unwelcome attention from nearby residents and animal rights activists furious with the slaughter. The Park Service vehicles appeared to retreat from the protesters, and several roadblocks that existed prior to the protest were removed during it. It appears that one or two areas in which deer were to be shot were abandoned due to the protests.

Short video of the protest

Park Service found shooting deer in Rock Creek on Dec 8

On the 8th of December, The National Park Service's contract deer shooters showed up the earliest they have yet been seen to kill deer in Rock Creek Park. They claim 300 deer in Rock Creek is too many, even though there are nearly 600,000 people in the surrounding city. Animal rights activists are patrolling the woods to document and when possible disrupt this "cull" of the Rock Creek Deer

Spooky video shot during surveillance run showing NPS blockade positions

Barricades and a lit-up truck in the community gardens off Oregon Ave. This is what the Park Service does when they are setting up to shoot deer behind the barricaded positiion

Animal rights activists protest sale of animal products at VA Safeway

On the 7th of December, the animal rights group "Direct Action Everywhere" staged a protest in the meat department of a Safeway grocery store in Virginia. Organizers posted this video on Youtube

Still from Youtube video-protesters in the meat department of Safeway

Fur-free Friday pickets Furrier's Row, storms Miller's Furs

Black Friday is also known as Fur Free Friday. On Fur Free Friday, Nov 28, 2014, animal rights protesters marched around the fur shops around the DC-MD line, including Neiman-Marcus, Saks 5th Ave, Dior, and Bloomingdales. Afterwards everyone pretended to disperse, then some of them reassembled and stormed into Miller's Furs in Bethesda, MD.

Video of march through "Furrier's Row"

Video of protesters storming Miller's Furs

Gitmo force-feeding protested outside rare Federal court hearing

Early morning on the 6th of October, Witness Against Torture and Code Pink held a protest against the forced-feeding of hunger strikers at Guantanimo Bay. Inside, a rare Federal court hearing on behalf of Guantanimo detainee Abu Wa'el Dhiab challenged the US military's force-feeding practices as constituting torture.

United Poultry concerns holds vigil for factory farmed chickens

On the 4th of May, United Poultry Concerns held a vigil in front of the White House for chickens imprisoned from birth to death in body sized cages for eggs and meat.
Short video of factory farm chicken vigil

Vegan Outreach protest at Cole Bros circus draws harassment

On the 26th of April, activists from Vegan Outreach showed up at the Cole Brothers Circus showing at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

The Cole Brothers circus, where animal trainer Tim Friso says "Don't touch 'em, hurt 'em! Make 'em scream!"