Animal Rights

Animal rights activists take direct action against DC area Skanska execs

On the last weekend of June, animal rights activists showed up at the home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska Building, which is trying to build a new vivisection lab at University of Washington (state). Chalked messages were left all over the surrounding streets. Also visited was the Montgomery County, MD office of Skanska Building USA.

The street in front of the home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska Building

Protesters show at at Patriot Center Ringlings circus performance

On the evening of April 11th, the protesters who have dogged appearances of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus showed up at George Mason University's Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. Attendance at the circus was down. Protesters suspect Ringling's announcement that the elephants are going to be retired is due to shrinking attendance. All the animals, elephants included, were on stage at the Patriot Center. Outside, an unknown large man opposing the protest tried and failed to intimidate a woman out of distributing leaflets. A second protester intervened and that man decided to back away.

Ringling Brothers Circus Protesters

On March 19, animal rights protesters gathered in front of the DC Verizon Center to launch a weekend of protests against abusive treatment of animals by the Ringling Brothers Circus.


Three days of protest against animal abuse at Ringlings circus

On the 20th of March, animal rights protesters showed up for the second night in a row outside a DC performance of Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus. On the 21st of March even more protesters were present throughout the daytime performance of the circus One of the protesters on March 20th was a former elephant trainer displaying a real bullhook, the instrument used to beat the elephants into submission. Ringlings has announced they will retire the elepant acts, but not all the other animals such as tigers.

Video featuring former elephant trainer with bullhook on display and another activist speaking on the future of Ringling's elephants

Code Pink confronts AIPAC in House office buildings as Bibi speaks

On the 3rd of March, Code Pink got into the Longworth House Office Building as Israeli Prime Minister Nehtanyahu gave his speech. Both Code Pink and AIPAC director Cohen then attempted to enter speaker Boehner's office but that one was locked. Code Pink then chased AIPAC's director Robert Cohen through the halls before storming Representative Stivers' office after him.After being driven from the office by cops they managed to boo the speech at a "watch party" surrounded by unhappy AIPAC members.

Youtube video-Code Pink chases AIPAC director, storms Rep Stiver's office

Medea Benjamin asks AIPAC members at "watch party" for Bibi's speech whether they are loyal to Obama or Nehatanyu

DC Stampede protest Skanska's involvement in U-WA vivisection lab

On the 6th of February, activists from DC Stampede showed up a the Virginia offices of Skanska. Skanska calls themselves a "world leading project development and construction group." Skanska has a contract to build a new, $123 million "Animal Research and Care Facility," meaning a vivisection lab at University of Washington. Dogs, cats, primates, and other animals will be imprisoned there until they are tortured to death in the same of "science." Two protests were held on Feb 6: At about 9AM, nine activists got inside the building and managed to create enough disruption to close the 2nd floor of the building. Cops were stationed outside all day after that, yet activists returned in the afternoon for a round of leafleting.

Animal rights protesters storm Neiman-Marcus

On the 7th of February, DC area animal rights activists managed to storm Neiman-Marcus, a notorious fur selling upscale department store. The march made one pass through the store and then back out the door before police could respond. Then everyone went down the block, back up the other side of the street, and over the state line into MD for a rally held in front of Bloomingdales, another retailer known for selling fur.

Video-protesters storm "Neiman-Carcass," speaker on remembering Walt Rave

Protest held against Park Police shooting deer in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Park Police are shooting deer in Rock Creek park and elsewhere in MD, once again claiming there are "too many" of them in an area dominated by human overpopulation. On the 6th of February area residents outraged by these "culls" showed up at the intersection of Beach Drive and MD rt 410 with banners denouncing the killing. Many of the banners advocated "birth control instead of bullets," a population control measure sucessfully used in other areas that have decided they have too many deer.

Video of the protest

Park Service killing deer in Montgomery County, MD section of Rock Creek Park

While the NPS has finished killing deer in Rock Creek Park for the seasion, the Maryland National Capitol Park Police have started shooting deer themselves on the MD side of the state line. On Jan 28, activists tracked the man putting out corn bait to one exact site where deer are being shot.

Video of the sucessful tracking session to find the place where deer are being killed near Beach Drive in MD

Entry to the area on the side of Rock Creek Park oppposite from Jones Mill Road on the creek itself.

Rock Creek deer killers disappear after possible intercepted activist phone calls, emails

On the 11th of December, I found roads in Rock Creek Park barricaded in preparation for "Deer Removal" or the shooting of deer by USDA "wildlife Services" at about 6:30PM. By 10:30 PM, after a flury of phone calls in an effort to organize a hasty street protest, all the barricades were gone and the killers nowhere to be found.