May 2017

DC Reinvest again rallies at Wells Fargo against DAPL and other pipelines

On the 17th of May, DC Reinvest and Rising Hearts Coalition once again showed up in front of the Wells Fargo across 17th st from the White House. They were demanding that Wells Fargo dump the Dakota Access Pipeline and similar pipelines such as the revived Keystone XL. Failing that, they are demanding that the DC Government terminate their business relationship with Wells Fargo and advising depositors to move their money elsewhere.

Video of the Wells Fargo speakers and round dance

YPG supporters beaten, kicked by Turkish dictator's security at protest near embassy following White House protest

On the 16th of May, theocratic Turkish president Erdogan showed up at the White House for an official visit with Trump. Outside, supporters of the Kurdish YPG fighters who have nearly defeated Daesh(ISIS) in Kurdish territory protested. Supporters of the Turkish theocrat counterprotested-and someone in the police gave them the space closer to the White House before cops decided to close both the street and half of the park.

Update:Video of Erdogan security squad beating and kicking pro-YPG protesters and ineffective police response.

Video from when the cops closed the park, and from about an hour later

Erdogan's goons kick a pro-YPG protester in the head

Net Neutrality activists smash old computers in front of FCC

On the 16th of May, net neutrality activists smashed computer hardware in front of the FCC, then loaded the junk into a trash can and attempted to deliver it to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The smashfest carried a serious message: that a non-neutral, corporate-content centric Internet would make most people's computers and phones as worthless as the smashed junk in front of FCC headquarters.

Video-smashing junk computers at FCC, then attempting to deliver them to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

As police spend their week commemorating fallen officers, we call on comrades from across the D-M-V to join us in a marching vigil to remember the lives stolen, destroyed and permanently altered by the police. Victims and families/friends of victims will be given space to speak, should they wish to.

Meet at Mt Vernon Square, Friday, May 19, 2017 at 9pm.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai gets home demo for net neutrality

On the 14th of May, Popular Resistance showed up outside the home of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in opposition to reopening the net neutrality issue. In addtion, three of Pai's neighbors joined the protest. Net neutrality was thought to be settled law, but Trump and Pai want to reopen the danger of paid prioritization and throttling or outright blocking of websites that cannot pay for premium "fast lanes.

This 33 second video of the protest would become harder to access without net neutrality

Boston neo-Nazi "Proud boys" rally humiliated by larger counterprotest

The neo-Nazi "free speech rally" of the so-called "Proud boys" and "based stickman" in Boston turned into an embarassing defeat for the facists. Some right-wing reporter known to hang with "based stickman" is whining about being "assaulted," for a while there were only about 100 of the "proud boys" present. Counterprotesters held the ridge above the fascists, two arrests reported.

Video-a trumper gets arrested for assaulting a counterprotester.

Holding the ridge above the fascists as things kick off-Stand Against Hate BOS photo

Consumer Bureau Escapes Congress Action to Remove Prepaid Rule

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) escaped a May 11th deadline for Congress to void a rule designed to give prepaid card users similar protections as debit card users. Congress could have used the Congressional Review Act or CRA to remove the "Prepaid Account Rule" as they did earlier this year to void other transparency rules. The Prepaid Account Rule will go into effect later in the year."Vulnerable consumers need to be protected from fraud, hidden fees and predatory actors," noted Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development group Jubilee USA.

DC Bike Party for May 2017

On the 10th of May the DC Bike Party took to the streets again. This ride was themed as the "spy ride" and began just before sunset from Dupont Circle. DC Bike Parties are normally on the 2nd Wednesday of the warmer months, starting 8PM at Dupont Circle. Hundreds of riders usually show up.

Video from the May DC Bike Party

Facing prison for laughing at Sessions confirmation, Code Pink holds "laugh-in" at DOJ

On Jan 10, Code Pink protested the confirmation of racist Jeff Sessions attorney general. On the 3rd of May, three Code Pink members were convicted of "disorderly conduct" carrying up to a year in prison for this, one for nothing more than laughing at Sen Shelby and Sessions prior to the hearing. On the 10th of May, Code Pink held a "laugh-in" in front of the Dept of Justice to protest these outrageous possible prison terms-and the decades in prison Inauguration protesters are facing.

Video-Code Pink's "laugh-in" at the Dept of "Justice"

Comey firing draws Russiagate/Trump protesters to White House

On the 9th of May, Trump fired FBI director James Comey. It is generally believed this is due to his request for more resources to investigate "Russiagate," the suspicions that Trump had help from Putin in the 2016 election. On the 10th of May, protesters gathered in front of the White House not to defend the FBI but rather against Trump. Some demanded a special prosecutor, others went further to demand that Trump be impeached.

Detention, torture of Gay men in Chechnya draws protesters to Russian Embassy

On the 9th of May, members of HRC (Human Rights Campaign) showed up outside the Russian Embassy to protest ongoing mass arrests and torture of Gay men in Chechnya.CNN reports that at least three detention centers in Chechnya are being used to imprison Gay men for nothing more than who they are.