5th anniv of Citizens United draws protests, arrests

The 21st of January, 2015 marked the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court's notorious Citizens United case, which legalized unlimited corporate campaign cash in US poltiics. Protesters showed up in multiple locations. Five people were arrested disrupting the Supreme Court's opening day of the year for yelling "One person, one vote" according to NBC News. Public Citizen staged a substantial rally at the White House, and Code Pink showed up in front of the US Chamber of Commerce, which represents some of the major beneficiaries of Citizen's United.

Code Pink photo at the US Chamber of Commerce

Code Pink disrupts GOP party celebrating takeover of Congress

On the 6th of January, Code Pink lampooned and significantly disrupted a GOP dinner celebrating their takeover of both houses of Congress staged by the " Republican Jewish Coalition." Jewish members of Code Pink called that group out for not representing them as Jews and favoring Israel over the values of their own religion. Senator Sheldon Adelson, a casino billionaire with a reputation for bribery and money laundering was one of the scheduled guests. Another was Dick Cheney. Code Pink caught Karl Rove and Sen McCain at the door and made them run a gauntlet of protesters.

Video-Code Pink street theater GOP bigwigs running the gauntlet

Code Pink mocks Cheney's status as an internationally-recognized war criminal who cannot travel outside the US without risking arrest