Migrants march on White House demanding end to "family detention"

On the 22nd of October, migrants and their sopporters marched on the White House demanding that President Obama comply with court orders demanding an end to "family detention" of migrant mothers and their children. A Federal court has ordered an end to this outrageous violation of human rights, but the Obama admninistration is expected to appeal rather than comply.

Video-the march followed by a migrant mother explaining what detention was like

Marching against "family detention"

Pilgrimmage to the Pope for immigrant rights arrives in DC

On the 22nd of September, the "100 women 100 miles Pilgrimmage to the Pope" for immigrant rights arrived at McPherson Square. One hundred women had marched all the way from an ICE detention center in Pennsylvania and were joined by many more supporters on the last leg of the march inside DC. The march ended at McPherson Square, where the Catholic hunger fasters for climate action already have tents set up. The evening program featured an appearance by Sweet Honey in the Rock after the speakers finished.

Stirring video of the end of the march, followed by clip from Sweet Honey in the Rock's performance

100 women finish march from ICE hellhole to the Pope

Honduran migrants disabled on the "Beast" trains hold hunger strike at the White House

Beginning on September 14th and continuing until September 24 (when the Pope is in town) the "caravan of the mutiliated" from Honduras is holding a fast and presence in front of the White House. They are demanding to meet with Obama concerning the hell they have been through. The caravan consists of migrants who lost limbs while riding the notorious "beast" freight trains that are often the only way to get north through Mexico to the US border.

SOA Watch protests "war on drugs" inside Sen Rubio's office

On the 24th of April, School of the America's Watch activists culimnated several days of lobbying with a direct action protest inside Sen Marco Rubio's office, calling him out for failing to oppose the failed "war on drugs" that has caused spiraling violence violence in Mexico and elsewhere.

Photo by SOA Watch