Huge protest for immigrant rights as Supreme Court hears US vs Texas

On the 18th of April, pro-migrant protesters took over much of the area in front of the US Supreme Court as the court heard Texas's challenge to Obama's deportation relief program. Texas and other GOP controlled states are trying to block implementation of Obama's DAPA/extended DAPA programs, which "defer" deportation for those whose children were born on US soil and are thus considered citizens even by the flatly illegal settler regime that controls the part of Turtle Island called the "United States." The GOP gains votes on racism and hate, thus is trotting out every possible excuse to attack Latino families.

Video-immigration protesters hold the street after Democracy Awakinging passes through

Holding the street for migrant rights

Migrant advocates deliver petitions against Obama's ICE raids to White House

On the 2nd of February, a number of immigrant rights groups held a "Stop the Raids" press conference outside the White House before delivering over 130,000 signed petitions. The petitions were actually accepted by two White House staffers and sniffed by the dog before being taken inside. Usually White House petition deliveries are refused, and often that leads to civil disobedience blockades. Before the delivery, speaker after speaker denounced the frankly terroristic raids on immigrants at their homes by ICE. Although not mentioned at this rally, many suspect Obama is doing this in response to Trump's hatemongering demands.

Video-clips from the speakers and the sucessful petition delivery

NO to Obama's Trump-inspired ICE raids

Migrant and Native American activists protest Obama's ICE raids

On the 16th of January, migrants backed by Native American activists protested in front of the White House to demand not only and end to the recent terror wave of ICE raids, but all deportations. At the climax of the protest activists laid flowers around the borders of a cutout of the part of Turtle Island claimed by the US, saying" we are here because you're there." As this was done a long list of destructive US interventions in Latin America and the Middle East that generated migrants was read out.

Video a featuring Lakota speaker and the "we are here bacause you're there" flower laying

Protesting racist ICE raids