GW students march against racist killer cops

On the 17th of December, students at George Washington University staged a street march in rememberance of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and all the others murdered by racist police.

Photo by Betsy Bramon

Dupont Circle church decorates trees with "Black Lives Matter" ornaments

On or before the 16th of December, cardboard Christmas ornaments appeared on trees outside the Church of the Pilgrim Presbyterian near Dupont Circle. The ornaments read "Black Lives Matter." This is in contrast to ugly things hung from trees or gates in other places such as Berkeley, where a dummy in an "I Can't breathe" T-shirt was hung in public.

DC Council staffers refuse to sign petition against jump-outs by DC police.

On Dec 16, DC Council staffers walked out claiming solidarity with the protests against police murder in Ferguson, New York, and here in DC, yet refused to sign the DC Ferguson petition against jump-outs. Does this mean the DC Council wants jump-outs to continue, so long as they do not escalate all the way to chokeholds or police shootings?

DC had it's own version of New York's infamous "stop and frisk," known as "jump-outs." In a jump-out, heavily armed plainclothes cops pile 4 or 5 into cars, and descend on clusters of African-American youth to intimidate them into submitting to unlawful searches. In response, DC Ferguson organizers have begun circulating this petition against the jump-out squads.

Photo by Kenny Nero

Police chief complains that Ferguson protests remove cops from neighborhoods

On the 16th of December, DC police chief Cathy Lanier appeared on NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt, and complained that the DC Ferguson protests are "very expensive" to MPD, requiring up to 400 cops a night to be detailed to them. She specifially complained that the protests are "a strain on the department" and reduce their ability to "police the neighborhoods.

Well, fewer cops in neighborhoods has to lead to less ability to harass residents and to fewer jump-outs, which are DC's version of Stop and Frisk. Although DC cops have actually become more violent in the neighborhoods since the protests began, if there are fewer cops to carry out this violence the protests may be achieving one of their goals by directly keeping the cops busy elsewhere

Warning: possible warrant checks on Metro in Anacostia when riders short on fare

A new and ugly report has shown up on Twitter that Metro police are checking for warrants when anyone comes up short on their farecard in Anacostia. Not having the money to pay one's way out of Metro is surely not probable cause to believe there is an arrest warrant out for someone, but to these racist cops it makes no difference. I've also received an in-person report that in at least some neighborhoods police have "doubled down" on violence towards African-American young men since the protests began.

Police threaten illegal arrests after DC Ferguson blocks Chinatown, 395 tunnel

On the 15th of December, DC Ferguson civil rights protesters asssembled in Chinatown for the nightly round of street blockades. This time one of the targets was I-395 and NY Ave. For the second night in a row police attempted to bypass the legally required "3 warning" rule for mass arrests. This time they tried to say that warnings given at the 395 tunnel were still valid in Chinatown and could be counted against the required three warnings.They tried to go straight to the 3ed warning and got out zip ties, something not previously seen at these protests. Finally someone got police chief Lanier on the line, she said three new warnings were required at every intersection so the cops were thwarted in their hoped-for arrests.

Police gave two warning here at the 395 tunnel entrance before protesters marched on-photo by Chris Tonan

Family of Trey Joyner, shot by US Park Police, speaks out at DOJ protest

On the 15th of December the Hands Up Coalition held a rally in front of the Department of Justice demanding that killer cops be prosecuted and police departments be placed under community control. The mother of Trey Joyner, a DC man shot and killed by US Park Police, spoke about her case and how there has been no justice in the courts for her son or her family. He was killed because of a false report from "an informant" of a man with a gun, he was unarmed. Every 28 hours police kill another African-American in the US, protesters warn that unless this is stopped they will continue to "shut shit down."

Video-Trey's mother and father speak

Civil rights protesters storm H St Wal-Mart, shut down registers

On the 14th of December, civil rights protesters stormed into the Wal-Mart on H st for the 4th time. This time they stood their ground, and soon the cash registers were shut down. Some of the shoppers joined the protest. One of the cops or security guards claimed protesters would be arrested after ONE warning, not the three required by DC law. After a tense ten minutes and call by protesters for reinforcements, the activists exited the store and no arrests were reported.

Video of Wal-Mart occupation raw clips courtesy Netta and DeRay McKessa

Erica Totten photo

Reportback from Justice For All March against police murder

On the 13th of December, a march estimated by some at around 50,000 people from Freedom Plaza to the US Capitol protested the recent string of police murders of unarmed young African-American men. The "Hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe" chants were heard often, referring to the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the chokehold death of Eric Garner in NYC.

Video-Scenes from Justice For All march

Civil rights protesters storm Gallery Place movie theater

On the 12th of December, civil rights protesters assmebled in Chinatown and after the usual street shutdowns slipped around to the back entrance of the Regan Cinemas on 6th st and stormed inside. In addition to educating moviegoers about police murder and brutality, there was another reason for going there: the movie Exodus, playing there, is set in the Middle East and northern Africa yet people with dark skin are shown only as servants and slaves.

Video-Aggressive motorist threatens to ram civil rights protesters

Video-protesters storm Regal 14 Cinema

Die-In at the Regal Cinema 14 at Gallery Place