March on Monsanto hugely outnumbers counterdemonstrators

On the 23ed of May, the annual March on Monsanto encountered something new at Monsanto's DC lobbying headquarters: a tiny group of counterdemonstrators. Some were reported to hjave been paid by Monsanto to be there. Their presence is proof that the global campaign against Monsanto's patented "Roundup Ready" seeds and glyphosate herbicides is becoming effective.

Video of the march showing how many more protesters than paid Monsanto counterprotesters

In front of Monsanto

BXE stages sit-in at Dept of Interior against Shell's arctic drilling

The 22nd of May was the second day of Beyond Extreme Energy's series of daily protests against fracking, gas export, and other forms of extreme energy. With FERC heavily guarded by cops, protesters diverted across town to the Department of the Interior. Just as FERC rubberstamps fracking and gas export infrastructure permits, DOI rubberstamps oil drilling permits, including Shell's permits for offshore arctic driling. This protest had originally been planned for later in the day, but this way activsts got inside DOI unopposed for the sit-in while all the cops were still at FERC.

Video of the sit-in

Daily protests at FERC begin-for the third time

On the 21st of May, the third week-long series of anti-fracking/anti gas export protests began at FERC. FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency has rubber stamped every application they have received for fracking, gas pipeline, and gas export facilities.

Video featuring speakers on harm done to their communities by fracking

Sit-in at barricades blocking FERC's front door

Three arrested, cop says "I have weapons on" after FERC denies public access to meeting

On the 14th of May,citizens from 8 different areas harmed by gas fracking, gas pipelines, and gas export projects attempted to attend the monthly meeting of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.Many were denied access to the meeting room, so they started chanting in the auditorium. When they were escorted out, cops detained 5 and arrested three..During the first arrest, one cop demanding more personal space saying "I have weapons on." He mentioned his weapons not once but twice

Video featuring cop saying "I have weapons on" twice

Youtube video of activists removed from FERC meeting

Citizens harmed by fracking, pipelines, and gas export projects gather in front of FERC

Hundreds ride in second DC Bike Party of 2015

On the 13th of May, hundreds of cyclists took over the streets for the second DC Bike Party of 2015. The DC Bike Party departs from Dupont Circle at 8PM sharp on the second Tuesday of the month during the warmer months of the year. DC Bike Parties can draw as many as 600 riders.

Quick video highlights of the daylight portion of the ride (1 min 45 sec)

Anonymous claims DC cops ordered to arrest homeless between midnight and 5AM

A Twitter message from Anonymous claims that DC police have been ordered to impose an illegal, de facto curfew on the homeless, arresting them between the hours of midnight and 5 AM. It does not cite a context nor a location. Since there is no legal curfew, these arrests would have to be on made up or spurious "charges of convenience." Alternately they use "evidence" from illegal stop and frisks, known as jumpouts in DC. This kind of spurious arrest was how Freddie Grey got killed. Does DC want a week of protests, riots, and no baseball too?

The Twitter post from Anonymous

"Million Moms March" against police brutality during National Police Week

On the 9th of May, mothers of African-American men murdered by police marched at the head of a column of supporters from John Marshall Park by the courthouses to the Dept of Justice and back. Marchers demanded an end to police murder violence in the wake of police brutality cases and uprisings from Ferguson to Baltimore.

30 seconds video of the march

Youtube video of meeting of mothers with the DOJ:


Mayday reportback from Occupied Baltimore

On May 1, 2015, Mayday,the occupation of Baltimore by the National Guard and out of state cops completely failed to deter protesters from taking ov A march so large that nowhere could both ends be seen marched on the jail, on City Hall, and on the Western District police station in West Baltimore near wher Freddie Grey was murdered. Later that night protesters staged a sit-in at City Hall in defiance of the Mayor's curfew. Police reponded with beatings and arrests to the sit-in.

Update May 2:Thousands march again on and around City Hall

Mayday protesters march on Baltimore City Hall and Jail past riot cops and armored vehicles

RT Youtube video of police attack on marchers defying curfew

Protesters and two armored vehicles in West Baltimore

ATU protests on Mayday against Metro Access cuts

On Mayday, May 1 2015, the Amalgamated Transit Union or ATU showed up in front of Metro's headquarters. They were demanding an 8 hour workday and cancellation of proposed cuts in Metro Access, Metro's disability transit system. Mayday celebrates the victory by unions in reducing working days that were once as long as 16 hours to 8 hours a day and originated right here in the US. At this rally, Reverend Hagler cited the success of protesters in Baltimore in forcing the indictment of all 6 cops that killed Freddie Grey as proof that fighting for justice works.

Solidarity march demands DC cops OUT of Baltimore

On the 29th of April, a huge Baltimore Uprising solidarity march issued forth from Chinatown. This march visited the Wilson Building (DC's city hall) and the White House. At the White House, the security lights behind the fence were turned on for the duration of the protests, something that used to be exceedingly rare and reserved for things like fence-jumpers and suspicious packages.

Video highlights of the march

Mike Fluggenock's Video (Vimeo) of 4-29 Baltimore solidarity march

Marching out of Chinatown