DC Ferguson marchers take over streets, storm Wal-Mart

On the 25th of November, thousands took to the streets for the second night of DC Ferguson protests responding the the grand jury's refusal to indict killer cop Darren Wilson. The protest took over the streets and blocked the intersection of NY Ave and 395 before marching south-and storming the Wal-Mart on H st. The only looting was the usual looting by Wal-Mart's bosses, stealing from their associates with their law wages and terrible working conditions. Protesters made it plain they were after management, not the associates actually working late to put food on their family tables.

Wal-Mart is known to have donated $10,000 to killer cop Darren Wilson's legal defense fund, so on Nov 25 DC Ferguson marchers "indicted" Wal-Mart for obstructing justice by storming the H st store!

Video:DC Ferguson storms H st Wal-Mart

Inside the Wal-Mart at 1st and H sts NW

WARNING: malicious wifi hotspot found near McPherson Square

On the 25th of November, with Ferguson protesters roaming the city, a wifi hotspot calling itself "Google Starbucks" appeared in the McPherson Square area. Upon connection I discovered it was replacing https certificates for this website and several others with invalid ones. Another connecton did not generate this warning, proving "Google Starbucks" to be intercepting web traffic.

Die-in at DC Police headquarters protests Ferguson, killer cops

On the 25th of November, people outraged by the refusal of the Ferguson grand jury to indict killer cop Darren Wilson staged a die-in at DC police headquarters. The die-in lasted 4 1/2 minutes, one minute for each hour Michael Brown's body was left in the street by the St Louis police department. DC cops too routinely shoot and kill African-American youth, they too need to listen to the fury of the streets on this issue.

Photo by Hannah Kane

DC Protests as grand jury refuses to indict killer cop in Ferguson

Nov 23 9:30PM: Ferguson grand jury announces NO INDICTMENT, DC protesters will gather at 7PM TUESDAY, Nov 25 at 7PM. Spontanious protests assembling tonight at Howard U and at Civil War Memorial (U st). Lots of cops on U st.
Update 10:30PM: Multiple spontanious protests in DC Converging on White House, protest the following evening (Tuesday) still schedules as well.
Update 11:40PM: John Zangas reports 2,000 people at the spontanious White House protest
Update 11:40PM: Ferguson exploding, one cop firing in the air suspected of triggering all the violence. Cop cars and at least one building on fire.
Update 1AM 11-25:Marchers take Supreme Court steps

Code Pink photo:Ferguson protesters at the White House

Pro-pipeline Sen Bennet's office occupied in Honor the Treaties action

On the 18th of November, activists associated with the Cowboy-Indian Alliance against the Keystone XL occupied the office of pro-Keystone Senator Michael Bennet. They were supported by student climate activists in taking over the office of this Democratic Senator who is being counted as a "for" vote in the scheduled Nov 18 vote (today) on the pipeline.

Breaking 6:30PM 11-18:Indigenous singers celebrate in the Capitol galleries as Keystone bill defeated CNN Video of reaction to Indigenous singing in the galleries

Photo by "Harris from the Post"

Pro-KLX Sen Mary Landreau gets home demo on Capitol Hill

Early morning on November 17, pro-Keystone XL Democratic Senator Mary Landreau found protesters on her lawn, showing once again that the Keystone XL is the Huntingdon Life Sciences of oil. More than 50 protesters and a replica of the pipeline were there, early on a very rainy Monday morning. Meanwhile the Rosebud Sioux have declared that any attempt to cross their sovereign land to build the pipeline will be treated as an act of war. The reservation will be closed and equipment will be kept out.

Youtube video of home demo at Sen Mary Landreau's Capitol Hill home

John Zangas photo

"Party at the FCC" demands net neutrality

On the 13th of November, net neutrality activists responded to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's defiance of Obama's new pro-net neutrality position. They showed up at FCC headquarters for a party under cold rain mixed with snow, then took over the doorway in front of the building.

Video of the "Party at the FCC"

In front of the FCC's doors

Code Pink protests at "Freedom Checkpoints" outside Concert for Valor

On the 11th of November, on the 96th anniversary of the end of WWI, Code Pink showed up outside the police checkpoints and cattle chute fences of the so-called "Concert for Valor" on the Mall. Code Pink was protesting the US return to war in Iraq. During this protest, an incident inside drew a massive police response. I do not know if this was the incident where police pepper sprayed and arrested three people for jumping a fence, or yet another incident. Again, "freedom" American style.

Video-Code Pink at checkpoints

Liveleak video of fence jumper tackled by cops and rammed into tree

Net Neutrality activists blockade FCC Chair Tom Wheeler's driveway

On the 10th of November, net neutrality activists decided to show FCC chairman Tom Wheeler just what the "slow lanes" he is proposing for websites that don't pay a premium to Big Cable and Big Phone would mean. They set up a physical slow lane just for him by staging a sit-in blocking his driveway as he attempted to get in his car and drive somewhere.

Youtube video posted by Popular Resistance

Still from Popular Resistance video

FERC employees kept out by lockdown, blockades on Day 5 of fracking protests

On the 5th day of fracking and gas export protests at FERC, activists locked down in the driveway and blockaded all doors. The result was a huge crowd of FERC rubber stampers kept outside watching the protest. It took police at least 2 1/2 hours to clear just the driveway blockade, and someone at FERC was reduced to herding their employees like sheep as cops made and changed plans to try and get through the protesters.

Video of the 5th day of blockades at FERC focussing on the driveway lockdown

Same video in 1080p full HD quality

The hard lockdown in FERC's driveway. The steel reinforced lockbox was especially hard for the cops to defeat.