Vigil for Gaza reads out names of the dead by candlelight

On the evening of July 30th, opponents of Israel's war in Gaza read out the names of the dead over an hour and a half, by candles as it began to darken. At the time the vigil began the total Palestinian death toll had reached 1,200.

Stirring video of the vigil

#Ride4liberation: Against Deportations and the Occupation of Gaza! 12pm August 2, White House

CONTACT:For any inquiries https://www.facebook.com/events/1475475202699734/On site representative call 703 314 0456 ATTN: White House correspondents, Newspapers, TV, Radio, Online Publications  Ride 4 LiberationAgainst Deportations and the Occupation of GazaBike riders in DC ride to express support for an end to the deportation and criminalization of immigrants in the US as well as the Israeli occupation of Palestine  Washington, DC, August 2, 2014 – Bicycle riders in the nation’s capital will p

Code Pink protests for Gaza at SecState Kerry's home

At 6PM on the afternoon of July 29, US Secretary of State Kerry received a home visit protest from Code Pink, demanding he "stand strong against Netanyahu." US support makes Israel's increasingly deadly campaign against Gaza, which has included bombing or shelling at least one hospital and a UN-run school possible. Recent news footage from Gaza resembles bombed-out Berlin in 1945. Secretary of State Kerry and President Barrack Obama have the power to stop this war, probably Israel would pull out to avoid a cutoff of aid from the US.

Photo by Code Pink

Climate stability activists rally to support EPA power plant rule on day of hearing

On the 29th of June, CCAN, 350.org and other pro-Earth organizations held a rally outside the EPA as a hearing on the proposed power plant CO2 emission rule gut under way. Shortly after the rally, Climate First! activists arrived at the US Chamber of Commerce saying their climate change denial is "bad for the bottom line" before also marching to the EPA, where supporters stayed put all day as the hearing continued.

Sen Ed Markey says US "can't preach temperance from a bar stool" to rest of world while speaking at this rally

Partial Video (yelling "solidarity with student strikers of Newark" missed) of motorcade confrontation at outside Chamber of Commerce with what may have been NJ Gov Christie's entourage, another protester said it was

350.org, CCAN, Sierra Club, etc at the EPA shortly before 11AM

"Dream" protesters demand Obama bypass Congress, act unilaterally to legalize migrants

On the 28th of July, immigrants, many of them students who received legal status because they were brought into the US as young children, showed up in front of the White House. They demanded that Obama "go big" and act unilaterally to provide legal status for their parents by executive action, thus bypassing GOP obstruction. Also present were many GLBT immigrants demanding similar relief for their partners or themselves.

Video highlights of the rally

Bad Ass Teachers Assn rally demands end to corporate school "reform" agenda

On the 28th of July, the Bad Ass Teachers Association staged a rally of hundreds of teachers, students, and supporters in front of the Dept of Education. They demanded nothing less than an end to high stakes standardized testing, an end to charters schools and privatization, and an end to the sale of student data to corporations.
Video featuring Newark Student Union members who occupied and shut down a school board meeting over the so-called school reform agenda

Posters near Union Station threaten strike over low wages

On the 27th of July, I saw these posters while riding past Union Station. They condemn Union Station for paying poverty wages while making $168 million a year, and ask people to sign a petition. The word "strike" is prominantly featured on the posters, which can be construed as a warning to Union Station to pay a living wage or else.

Critical Mass ride reportback: these rides are growing!

Critical Mass rides on the last Friday of every month in DC are growing! Although not as big as the 600 rider Bike Parties (yet), these rides now seem to get bigger every month. The July 25th ride went to the DC General/DC Jail area, then to the SE Waterfront between the Navy Yard and the river and a mid-ride stopover. After that the ride went back through town before ending at a bar just south of U st.

Video of the July 25 ride

Hundreds rally for Gaza in Dupont Circle on al-Quds day

On the 25th of July, hundreds of supporters of the besieged people of Gaza, maybe more, gathered in Dupont Circle for al-Quds day, which is the last day of Ramadan. DC was just one of many hundreds of events all over the world.

Video of march around Dupont and short clip from Rev Hagler's speech

Organizing starting in DC for massive NYC Peoples Climate March on Sep 21

On the 23ed of July, pro-Earth and climate justice activists held an organizing meeting at MLK Library for DC activists who will be travelling to NYC for the Peoples Climate March on the UN on Sep 21. The event is still 8 weeks out, and bus captains are being recruited so charter busses can be organized to provide transportation to this event.