Light show and protest as TPP trade talks come to DC

On the 7th of December, protesters set up a banner and a light show outside the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). They were there because negotiations for the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership are back in town. Protesters are demanding that the still-classified text of TPP drafts-kept secret even from members of Congress expected to vote on it-be released to the public

Secret Service attempts to keep civil rights protesters from White House area

On the 7th of December, Secret Service tried and failed to keep DC Ferguson from the area in front of the White House, claiming "an event" was taking place. In response civil rights protesters went to the sidewalk across from the White House and stayed for a while making as much noise as possible with the announced intention of disrupting the event in question.

Video of march into and protest on area in front of White House

Protesters across from the White House over the objection of Secret Service

Climate First! partially closes PNC Bank branch over MTR coal mining

On the 6th of December, activists from Climate First! showed up at a PNC Bank branch near Dupont Circle. They were there to protest the continuing role of PNC Bank in funding mountaintop removal coal mining. One of them was a PNC account holder, yet PNC Bank shut the doors in their faces, locking out customers in the process. Although bank guards sometimes opened the doors for impatient customers, no doubt others took one look and left.

Civil rights protesters stage die-in at Union Station, Shut down Georgetown and Key Bridge

On the 6th of December the fast and furious pace of protests against police murders of African-Americans continued with a 3PM die-in at Union Station and a street march that began shortly after 6PM on U street. This march went downtown, to Georgetown, and crossed Key Bridge into Arlington before deciding on the Metro to disperse to lose two undercover cops. Just before Georgetown there was an ugly incident where a US Capitol Policeman assaulted one of the protesters.

Youtube video of 3PM Union Station die-in posted by Travis Shoff

Still from the Travis Shoff Youtube video

Man injured by violent arrest at Dec 5 civil rights protest in Chinatown

On Dec 5, civil rights protesters in DC shut down Chinatown on multiple occasions. At about 10:55PM cops suddenly pursued someone said to be one of the protesters, the crowd surged after them. When the scene opened up a bit one man was down and in handcuffs. He suffered seizures police said were caused by being pepper sprayed. They left him in handcuffs through the seizures, and no ambulance was summoned. Finally a bunch of cops picked him up like a log and carried him off to an unknown destination at or beyond the end of the block.

Video showing results of police assault on man said to be a protester

This man was injured by police

Civil Rights protesters shut down Chinatown, blockade Verizon Center

On the 5th of December, civil rights protesters returned to Chinatown, staging a massive die-in in rush hour traffic before blockading the Verizon Center. In a repeat of the previous night's scene at the Hyatt/ALEC confrontation, bike cops blocked off the Verizon Center as well, creating a front-line similar to at a very large IMF protest.

Video of the later 11PM die-in at 7th and H in Chinatown

11PM Dec 5:Violent arrest leaves one protester injuredVideo

John Zangas photo of Chinatown die-in

Major DC Ferguson Protest shuts streets, storms Hyatt and Wal-Mart

On the 4th of December, thousands marched in DC streets after dark to protest the police murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and so many others. Protesters hit the National Christmas Tree lighting, then shut down the 14th st Bridge (again) and I-395 in a separate incident. They stormed the downtown Hyatt looking for an ALEC meeting, laid siege to the Hyatt near Union Station where ALEC was finally found, and finally stormed the Wal-Mart at 1st and H st for the 3ed time. The Wal-Mart action got tough: it was an opposed storming and security responded by locking some of the protesters inside. Security was forced to let everyone back out as pressure mounted outside.

Video-protesters storm Wal-Mart

Video-huge march from MPD headquarters to the Wilson building

The massive crowd that gathered on the steps of MPD HQ with far more still in the street

Eric Garner/Ferguson march blockades K st, Dupont, Adams-Morgan

On the 3rd of December, a New York grand jury refused to indict the cop responsible for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. In response, protesters here in DC as well as in NY took to the streets. In DC, protesters blocked up intersections at K st, all the entrances to Dupont Circle, and finally marched into and blocked up Adams-Morgan. At Dupont they were joined by protesters against the murder of 43 students by Mexican police allied with drug cartels.

Video of the H st, K st, and Dupont Circle portions of the protest including a confrontational motorist who got out of his car

Blockading K st

Code Pink protests ReMax sales of settlement homes in Occupied Palestine

On the 3ed of December, Code Pink showed up at the Capitol Hill office of Remax, demanding they stop selling settlement homes on stolen land in the Palestinian West Bank. ReMax's Israeli subsidiary is trafficking in homes build on stolen land as part of the illegal settlements. Therefore, ReMax has become a target of the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement.

Video of Code Pink at ReMax

Ferguson protesters shut down Union Station

On the 2nd of December Ferguson protesters took action again in DC, this time shutting down Union Station's Metro entrance and bus tunnel in afternoon rush hour. Many of the protesters were Howard University students.

Code Pink photo