Protesters march around World Bank after Civil Society walkout

On the 11th of October, opponents of the World Bank's roles as a global loan shark to predatory governments and corporations rallied in Murrow Park and marched all the way around the Fall meetings. This came after civil society groups from Ethiopia walked out of a meeting with the World Bank due to their reversal on a promise to strengthen environmental protections.
Video of the march

Marching around the Fall meetings of the IMF and World Bank as the World Bank meets in their HQ

Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping lead march on World Bank

On the 10th of October, Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir led a funeral march on the Fall Meetings of the IMF and World Bank, The march went to a delegate entrance checkpoint to the World Bank, where a mock funeral for the Bank was staged as people from South Asia and Africa reminded those inside just how much damage the Bank's programs had done to their countries.

Video Highlights of World Vs Bank march and street theater

Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

Pa residents challenge EPA officials to drink fracked well water, bags searched at Metro in response

On the 10th of October, anti-fracking activists and a resident of Dimock county in Pennsylvania challenged EPA officials to drink from either of two samples of discolored, contaminated well water from a fracking-damaged well. The response they got was the expected and understood refusal to drink the water, and an acceptance by an EPA official of their petitions. Meanwhile, the EPA building behind them was guarded by a counted 20+ cops-and bag searches at the Metro station entrance there. As soon as the protest ended, the DHS bag search checkpoint was withdrawn from the Metro station.

Video-offering the "frackwater challenge" to drink the contaminated well water

Offering a drink of fracked well water to an EPA official

Hundreds ride in October DC Bike Party

On the 8th of October, the usual several hundred riders (600+ is average) took to the streets of DC for the monthly bike party. A just past full moon was in the sky as the streets swarmed with cyclists, some in a Halloween theme.

Video Highlights of the Ride

DC Homeless Civil Rights Challenge to Shelter Closings Update

Prior to the closing of La Casa Shelter, and as part of an ongoing pattern of displacement, the District closed Franklin Shelter, another low barrier shelter in Northwest, Washington, D.C.[vi] Between the two closures, the District removed all available shelter space in District operated facilities in the Northwest quadrant of the city and reduced its available shelter space for men by over thirty percent (30%).

The pattern of targeting and removal of the largely minority homeless population exhibited by the District defendants and of record includes: i) a clear and undisputed pattern of closing all low barrier public shelter services in largely Caucasian Wards 1 and 2 and relegating the remaining public shelters to Wards 5, 7 and 8, with highest minority populations....

Gitmo force-feeding protested outside rare Federal court hearing

Early morning on the 6th of October, Witness Against Torture and Code Pink held a protest against the forced-feeding of hunger strikers at Guantanimo Bay. Inside, a rare Federal court hearing on behalf of Guantanimo detainee Abu Wa'el Dhiab challenged the US military's force-feeding practices as constituting torture.

Ferguson Marchers shut down Georgetown

On the 4th of October, a Ferguson/Michael Brown solidarity protest marched through the streets of Georgetown, shutting down Penn ave, M st, and Wisconsin Ave. Normally busy Georgetown streets were shut down as marchers swarmed between the cars and blocked Wisconsin and M, Wisconsin and N, and other key intersections.

Video of the march on Georgetown

Wisconsin and M st shut down to protest the shooting of Michael Brown-and at least 20 police shootings in DC

Code Pink protests killer drone exhibit at Air and Space Museum

On the 4th of October, Code Pink showed up at the National Air and Space museum to protest an exhibit of armed drones. The exhibit even includes videogame looking footage of drone bombings with nothing said about what these bombings do to real people on the ground. As the protest continued, the security line to enter the museum grew and grew, extending right around the protest. This provided almost an ideal forum to educate the public about Obama's role as judge, jury, and executioner with these drones.

Video from the Code Pink drone protest at Air and Space showing massive security line

Fundamentalists still harassing Planned Parenthood

On the 4th of October shortly before noon, fundamentalist Christians were holding some kind of prayer vigil on the lawn of Planned Parenthood in DC. I do not know how they got the right to be on that lawn. Clinic escorts were present to help patients get past the anti-choicers. I asked one of the escorts when would be a good time to get photos with no patients in the way, and was told "right now." As I was doing so one of the right-wing "sidewalk counselers" engaged me with angry rhetoric. One of the escorts said their objective is confrontations with anyone present so as to create a tense atmosphere to deter patients. Years ago I even saw them do this to a full service hospital in Virginia.

FERC Found Guilty of Fracking the Chesapeake by a "People's Court"

On the morning of Oct 3, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and Calvert County residents convened a "People's Court" outside FERC to protest their rubber stamp approval of fracked gas export from Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay. Defendants included president Barrack Obama, MD Governor O'Malley,the entire Calvert County board of commissioners, and the head of FERC. All were found guilty of multiple charges.

Video of people's court-all defendants

Video-Mike Tidewell vows "no surrender"-even if the LNG export plant is built, CCAN will fight on to prevent any gas from being exported