Police brutality protesters occupy lobby of DC Police headquarters

On the 12th of January, both Ferguson protesters and Guantanimo Bay protesters joined forces to occupy the lobby of DC Police (MPD) headquarters for just over 28 minutes. The 28 minutes symbolized the fact that every 28 hours a Black man, woman, or child is killed by police, security guards, or vigilantes in the US. The occupation was tense but no arrests were made.

Video of occupation of DC Police headquarters lobby

The scene inside MPD's front lobby

Hooded protesters march on 13th anniv of Guantanamo's opening

On January 11, 2002, the unlawful prison at Guantanimo Bay opened for business. On January 11, 2015 it was still in business even though President Obama vowed six years ago to close it. As on every January 11th back to 2007, a long line of protesters in orange jumpsuits and black hoods marched to demand the closure of Gitmo.

Video of the march

"Detainees" lining up at the White House for America's march of shame

Climate activists demand Obama VETO Keystone XL at emergency protest

On the 10th of January, 350.org and other climate activists held an emergency protest outside the White House demanding that Obama VETO the GOP's Keystone XL tar sands pipeline bill. In addition, activists are demanding that he veto the pipeline itself by refusing the permit to cross the US-Canadian border.

Video highlights of the protest

Breaking: DC 2024 Olympic bid defeated

At 6:30PM on the 8th of January, WTOP News reported that the Olympic Selection Committee in Denver has chosen Boston, not Washington DC, for the 2024 Olympic bid for the United States. DC is now spared from incoming Mayor Muriel Bowser's proposal to spend $5 Billion on the "Eviction Games," and from the wave of displacement, gentrification, and police brutality they would bring.On the other hand, Boston residents now have a problem and need to prepare for a fight to reject the Games.

Wal-Mart fails to remove snow from sidewalks at Ga Ave store

On the 7th of January as of 10:30AM, online complaints appeared that the Wal-Mart on Ga Ave had neither shovelled nor salted the sidewalks in front of their store. There was an online complaint from someone who saw an elderly woman nearly slip and fall on the ice. While Wal-Mart gets a pass on this, ordinary DC residents can face fines fines for not clearing sidewalks.

Code Pink disrupts GOP party celebrating takeover of Congress

On the 6th of January, Code Pink lampooned and significantly disrupted a GOP dinner celebrating their takeover of both houses of Congress staged by the " Republican Jewish Coalition." Jewish members of Code Pink called that group out for not representing them as Jews and favoring Israel over the values of their own religion. Senator Sheldon Adelson, a casino billionaire with a reputation for bribery and money laundering was one of the scheduled guests. Another was Dick Cheney. Code Pink caught Karl Rove and Sen McCain at the door and made them run a gauntlet of protesters.

Video-Code Pink street theater GOP bigwigs running the gauntlet

Code Pink mocks Cheney's status as an internationally-recognized war criminal who cannot travel outside the US without risking arrest

Mexican president gets protest about "disappearances" during White House visit

On the 6th of January, Mexican president Peña Nieto visited the White House. Outside were protesters against his government, which is known to have conspired with drug cartels to massacre 43 students from aúl Isidro Burgos Ayotzinapa Normal School in Iguala, Mexico.The students were handed over to the Guerreros Unidos crime syndicate after police stopped their busses, 43 out of about 100 teaching students were killed. Protesters are saying responsibility for this goes all the way to the top, and that Enrique Peña Nieto is not welcome in DC.

Photo by RadikalTourGuideNYC

"Dance for Justice" in Dupont protests police brutality and murder

On the 5th of January, a die-in at Dupont Circle remembering the victims of killer cops was followed by a "Dance for Justice" event. Simple dance moves and chants demanded an end to killer cops and reinforced particpants commitment to fight for justice and against police murder.

Video highlights of Dance for Justice 1 min 45 sec

Native Americans protest at White House demanding veto of Keystone XL bill

On Wednesday, the 7th of January, the Senate will hold a hearing on the GOP's bill to push through the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The bill is expected to pass and be on Obama's desk by Friday, Jan 9. On Jan 3, Native Americans and their allies protested in front of the White House demanding that Obama veto this bill. In so doing he would be vetoing further theft and destruction of Native lands for the pipeline and vetoing the poisoning of water millions depend on.

Video highlights of the protest

Washington "Moon-Times" claims DC cops spent $3M because of Ferguson protests

The Unification Church(Rev Moon)-controlled Washington Times is claiming that DC Police have spent $3M because of the DC Ferguson protests. I can say from personal experience that this consists of following DC Ferguson protests through the streets and redirecting traffic to isolate protests. Perhaps police chief Cathy Lanier should think of this as a $3M fine against the DC Police for violating the rights of African-American city residents with jump-out tactics and illegal searches stemming from them.