Ferguson protesters shut down Union Station

On the 2nd of December Ferguson protesters took action again in DC, this time shutting down Union Station's Metro entrance and bus tunnel in afternoon rush hour. Many of the protesters were Howard University students.

Code Pink photo

Ferguson protesters block 14th st bridge

On the 1st of December, Ferguson protesters blocked the 14th st Bridge for about 1/2 hour in AM rush hour. This was the day after a similar protest blocked I-395 on perhaps the busiest travel day of the year. There was one ugly incident involving a motorist in an expensive Mercedes who tried to push through the blockade but was stopped. This was shortly after another motorist was allowed to pass after saying he was going to a dialysis appointment. Apparently letting one car pass made other drivers more aggressive. The line of protesters blocked the bridge until shortly after the cops read out the required 1st of three warnings for a mass arrest, then marched off the bridge.

Video of the blockade of the 14th st Bridge

Another angle on the Mercedes whose driver tried to push through the blockade-Youtube

Chesapeake Earth First! redecorates at offices of Enbridge lobbyist Hill and Knowlton

On the 30th of November, Chesapeake Earth First!, responding to a solidarity call from Idle No More, redecorated sidewalks and construction boards at the offices of Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton is the main DC area lobbyist for tar sands pipeline company Enbridge. Enbridge is infamous for trying to build tar sands pipelines over the objections of First Nations communities in Occupied Canada.Each of these is another Keystone XL, like the Keystone all of them cross Indigenous lands, and all of them must be and will be stopped.


Chesapeake Earth First! was here

Ferguson protesters block SE-SW freeway

On the 30th of November, DC Ferguson protesters escalated their tactics with a hard blockade shutting down the SE-SW Freeway on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

NBC News photo

A Short Talk with the President

Eventually a sentence formed in my head that I thought got to the gist of things without risking my getting tackled by the Secret Service (I'm not as brave as the Code Pink women) and in a quiet moment while he was at the register summoned up as clear and loud a voice as I could to say "Hope you can close Guantanamo!"

DC Ferguson protesters close Georgetown streets, storm Pentagon City mall

On the 29th of November, DC Ferguson protesters marched through Georgetown and shut down the streets. When the march headed out of Georgetown, marchers transitioned from the sidewalks to block shoppers who did not drive in from reaching the doors of upscale stores. At the end of the march, protesters surged into the Foggy Bottom Metro, got off at Pentagon City, and stormed into the shopping mall.

Video of the march on Georgetown

Video of protesters storming Pentagon City

A Lakota woman speaks at the march on Georgetown

Shutting down Wisconsin and M sts

Black Friday labor protesters march on Wal-Mart, get inside

On Black Friday, also known as Buy Nothing Day, labor protesters including striking Wal-Mart associates marched on the 1st and H st Wal-Mart in the third protest there this week. Some of the protesters managed to get inside first in a trickle, then a flood before police pushed them out. Several protesters were shoved by the same cop, and some were also threatened.

Video focussing on the protest inside the Wal-Mart

Strikers, supporters at Ga Ave Wal-Mart protest as store opens on holiday

The new Wal-Mart stores in DC chose to open on the settler holiday known as Thanksgiving, a day most workers get to spend with their families. As they did, striking Wal-Mart associates backed by community activsts and supporters set up a mock dinner table outside the Ga Ave Wal-Mart to distribute cupcakes and fliers while they picketed. Police tried to intimidate them out of having a table on public space but Rev Hagler stood his ground and it was the police who backed away.

Video featuring Rev Hagler standing up to police attempts to force removal of the table from the protest

Flag of White AmeriKKKa burns in Chinatown during Ferguson protests

Right-wingers are screaming online about the fact that in many places Ferguson protesters are burning the flag that flies over police stations, the flag of US imperialism. One of the flag burnings was in Chinatown, no doubt the wealthy merchants that have taken over Chinatown were glad only US flags were set on fire.

Workers at H st Wal-Mart stage sit-in strike

On the 26th of November, associates at the 1st and H st Wal-Mart went on strike, staging a sit-in in the aisles of the store with picket signs. The demand is simple: that management stop retaliating against workers who demand pay raises or better conditions.

Respect DC Photo