Empower DC visits DC Council demanding money to fix vacant public housing

On the 20th of April, Empower DC sent a delegation to the DC City Council to demand a total end to demolition of public housing. They also are demanding that that the 2016 government budget include money to repair vacant public housing units so homeless familes can move into them.

Activists protest and flier at World Bank sponsored greenwash concert

On the 18th of April, the World Bank Group staged the "Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day" concert, with Fallout boy headlining. This concert was during their Spring Meetings, and in spite of an increase in overall World Bank investments in fossil fuels. Global justice activists set up in front of the main bag search checkpoint and some went inside to hand out hundreds of fliers contrasting the message of the show with the World Bank Group's actual record.

Video-crazy security at concert, contrasted to "A16" IMF protests 15 years ago

Clown Bloc tries to enter World Bank, IMF's Infoshop

On the 17th of April, as the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank got underway, a "clown bloc" showed up asking delegates if they would answer on camera "what is the difference between austerity and poverty?" Not one would answer this on the record. Seeking answers the Clown Bloc moved on to the IMF's "infoshop" bookstore, which is open to the public or supposed to be. Security guards aggressively kept them out, this was repeated when some of the clown tried to enter the World Bank seeking the same answer.

Video-clown bloc questions delegates, tries to get in

Video-Interview with Australian citizen concerning solidarity with United Voice union at IMF/G20

Solidarity at the IMF/G20 with Australia's United Voice union

Fracked gas export protesters dragged out of FERC meeting-again

On the 16th of April, new FERC commissioner Norman Bay got a taste of vehement opposition to his agency's record of rubberstamping fracking related projects. She tried to brush off protests by Calvert County residents and their supporters opposing Dominion's fracked gas export facility now under construction at Cove Point. On of the protesters lampooned the previous FERC director saying "Oh my God, we have a situation here. The situation is not going away," continuing "There is no democracy here. You just ignore what I write on my computer." This in reference to similar remarks by the last commissioner of FERC.

Youtube: Security guards drag citizens from FERC meeting for speaking up

Still from John Zangas Youtube video

Protesters march on Capitol for 2nd day as TPP fast-track bill introduced

On April 16, 2016, Sen Orrin Hatch(R-Utah), Sen Ron Wyden(Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Misrepresentative Paul Ryan (R-WI) formally introduced "The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015," which is fast-track authority clearly meant for the proposed TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty. At or just before this introduction, protesters demanding "Flush the TPP" marched on the US Capitol, and some were able to enter one or more of the buildings of the Capitol complex

John Zangas photo

Gyrocopter landed on Capitol West Lawn in campaign cash/corruption protest

On April 15th, a 61 year old postal worker from Florida attempted to deliver 535 letters to Capitol Hill demanding an end to corporate cash in US politics by gyrocopter. He sucessfully evaded all Washington DC air defenses and landed his aircraft on the West Lawn without damage. He was intercepted on the ground by Capitol Police before he could deliver these letters to all 535 members of Congress.This was perhaps the most profound protest yet against the "Citizens United" case that legalized unlimited corporate campaign cash.

Youtube news video based on tourist's Vine clip

Tough talk at anti-TPP union rally on Capitol Hill

On the 15th of April, large numbers of union supporters gathered on Capitol Hill oppose the proposed TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. They called this "another NAFTA," and even used the term "SHAFTA" for the trade deals that have been offshoring US jobs and led to plummeting wages since 1994. Multiple members of Congress as well as union officials had some unusually tough talk against the "fast track" bill for the TPP. Fast track means a quick ratification vote with no debate if a treaty is signed, for a treaty whose very text is being kept secret.

Video-tough talk at Capitol Hill rally against the TPP

Reportback from emergency action to save Mumia's life

Unable to execute political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, prison authorities have instead been trying to kill him by neglect. For three months he showed signs of diabetes and treatment was refused until he was finally taken to an outside hospital and fainted with blood sugar at seven times the normal level. On Friday, the 10th of April, supporters protested all over the US demanding compassionate release for Mumia. Here in DC, supporters of Mumia marched on the US Dept of Justice

Keith X Photo

Hundreds ride to cherry blossoms in first DC Bike Party of 2015

On the 8th of April, hundreds of DC area cyclists gathered in spotty rain for the first of the year's DC Bike Parties. They leave Dupont Circle at 8PM on the second Wednesday of each of the warmer months of the year. This one was the Cherry Blossom Chase, and rode to the Hained Point loop, under newly opened cherry blossoms. Just before the ride began the rain tapered off to nothing more than drizzle, nowhere near enough to dampen the spirits of hundreds of riders on the first Bike Party of the year

2 min video of the ride

Departing from Dupont Circle

Massive power outage blamed on hardware, not monkeywrenchers

On the 7th of April, power outages cascaded from Charles County, MD through PG County and into Washington DC. WTOP News reported that Homeland Security was inundated with calls asking if "nefarious activity" was to blame, but official blame went to failing equipment in Charles County, MD.