March 2017

Women strike from all labor, march against Trump and his policies

On the 8th of march, women all over the US staged a general strike known as the “Day without women.” In this area the strike closed among the PG County school system and a DC chain of charter schools. Some of the strikers marched on the White House against Trump’s re-imposition of the “Mexico City” global gag rule against global health providers who accept US funds ever discussing abortion with patients.

Video of the march on the White House against the abortion gag rule

Video from the second march, from Dept of Labor demanding fair wages for women and tipped workers

Marching up 15th st against Trump's abortion gag rule

Second protest of Muslim Ban at CPB, five arrests reported

On the 7th of March, protesters assembled at the Ronald Reagan Building for a second protest against Trump's "Muslim Ban 2.0." There is a report on the DisruptJ20 Twitter feed of five arrests. Presumably those were in a civil disobedience, but those cases should be watched closely due to current aggressive prosecution of protesters against Trump's fascism.

Photo by Katie Egan

Muslim Ban 2.0 draws protesters to White House in spite of police interference

On the 6th of March, Trump signed "Muslim Ban 2.0" which is mostly the same as the first Muslim ban except for not exempting Middle Eastern Christians overtly and exempting Iraq due to threats to mirror-image the ban against US mercenaries. Protesters responded by gathering at the White House. In response, police closed Penn Ave and then about 2/3 of Lafayette Park, forcing protesters to march back. Later yet a journalist was detained and harassed by Secret Service, only to be released without charges.

Video showing police closing the park and protesters sticking it to Trump's new Muslim Ban anyway

"Never Again" is NOW!

DC antifascists confront puny "March4Trump" that never filled its permit zone

On the 4th of March, Trump supporters held a national series of "March4Trump" events all over the US, but the DC march was supposed to be the focal point. Instead, DC turnout fizzled with one twitter poster estimating perhaps 50 Trump supporters on site. DC area antifascists converged on their location for a disruptive game of anarchist soccer.

Video-anarchist soccer and confronting the March4Trump

Antifascist and Rainbow flags set up as a game of anarchist soccer gets going

Hundreds rally at the White House demanding resignation of Atty General Jeff Sessions

On the 2nd of march, hundreds gathered at the White House to demand that Trump's Atty General Jeff Sessions resign rather than merely recuse himself from the investigation of the Trump campaign's ties to Vladimar Putin and Russian intelligence agencies. There are many other issues with Session, notably his past as a Ku Klux Klan sympathiser and being passed over for positions in the past due to his racism.

Photo by Collin Rees

Mass March in Annapolis demands statewide ban on gas fracking

On the 2nd of March, MD residents gathered in Annapolis to demand that the General Assembly pass and Governor Hogan sign legislation to ban gas fracking outright in MD. A moratorium on fracking expires this fall, and Governor Hogan has pledged to start fracking in MD "as soon as possible."

Video of the march to ban fracking in MD

March on Trump's Congressional address ends with pot and pan banging protest

On the 28th of February, two different protests were staged against Trump's address to a joint session of Congress. The first was the Resistance Address in Lafeyette Park near the White House, where speakers condemned Trump's persecution of immigrants and the wave of hate he has created. When it finished, participants marched to Upper Senate Park, where United We Dream had a Cacerolazos going, a traditional Latin American pot and pan banging protest.Both the banging of pots and pans and the blowing of Vuvuzela horns could also be heard throughout the march.

Video of the pot and pan banging march and a bit of the very loud rally at Upper Senate Park