Video: 2016 in activism-chaos, catastrophe, and resistance

Video highlights of the past year in progressive activism. Resistance to Donald Trump, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to police murder are the three main themes of the past year. Now we must prepare for the battle to come on the 20th of January, and the war against racism and white supremacy that will follow.

Video-2016 in review

Georgetown Solidarity Committee vs Nike: University President's office occupied for two days

Update Dec 9:

University agrees to student's demands, and to meeting by Dec 14. Sit-in withdrawn Friday night. We shall see if Georgetown Nike Air really becomes a thing of the past-or if Nike's Hansae factory stops doing things like locking their workers in

On the 8th of December, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee decided they have had enough of Georgetown University's refusal to cancel their contracts with Nike. At 10AM, a crew of students occupied the University President DeSioia's office, then at around noon a much larger solidarity rally marched into the building and occupied the lobby in front of it as well. As of 6:30PM Dec 8 students are still holding out.

Video including a participant's footage of the building entry and an interview taken inside

The president's office is behind the doors in the back of this photo. More students are inside

Back At The Trump Hotel

Protests mark the official ribbon cutting of the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC's historic Old Post Office Building.

At the Trump Hotel

Demonstrations mark the opening of the new Donald Trump hotel in the historic Old Post Office Building in Washington DC. Trump security claims a section of Pennsylvania Avenue as Trump private property.


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Hearing on proposed permanent Metro night closure draws protesters

On the 20th of October, Metro's board held a public hearing on proposed service cuts and fare hikes for Metro, including the proposed permanent midnight closure even after "safe track" is finished. Over 60 people spoke against the proposals at the hearing and more protested outside.

Video-Statehood Green activist offers tax on millionaires or on corporations as ways to fund Metro

A call for tax on millionaires or corporations instead of Metro cuts and fare hikes

Hundreds picket Trump Hotel over labor dispute

On the 13th of October, the mainstream press was buzzing about the five women who have come forward to declare that they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. On that same day, hundreds picketed Trump's brand new luxury hotel in DC over yet another crime by Donald Trump: his flat refusal to honor the outcome of an election by workers at his Las Vegas hotel to seek union representation.

1 min video of mass picket at Trump Hotel

Picketing Trump hotel over labor abuses

Moral Mondays begin at DC Council

On the 12th of September, DC social activists and religious leaders began holding "Moral Mondays" at the DC Council demanding that miniumum wages be raised, public housing be perserved, schools and public property not be privatized, mass incarceration be ended, and more. Moral Mondays began in North Carolina as a protest against right-wing and racist policies of the state government such as restricting voting rights and cutting social programs. In North Carolina Moral Mondays are known for civil disobedience, DC councilmembers should consider the possibility that failure to address the needs of the people could force the use of civil disobedience here in DC as well.

Marching around the Wilson Building on the first of DC's Moral Mondays

Mexico: Bloody bourgeois repression and the “danse macabre” of the “far left”

The Mexican bourgeoisie has once again shown its bloody face:
On Sunday, June 19, at Nochixlan, heavily armed federal police murdered a dozen striking teachers and villagers who supported them in cold blood. They were blocking a highway in the south to prevent federal police from going to the capital of the state of Oaxaca, where striking teachers organized an encampment.

Donald Trump visit to Capitol Hill draws protests over racism and outsourcing

On the 7th of July, Donald Trump visited GOP officials at the Capitol Hill Club near the US Capitol. Outside, protesters denounced him for racism, sexism, homophobia-and for outsourcing millions of US jobs to other countries. There was mention that the over a billion dollars he managed to lose running his own casino imply his economic performance as President would also lead to bankruptcy. Trump got in and out the back door, same way the rest of the garbage leaves the club and in this case enters. Afterwards, one GOP attendee described Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan as now being "teammates." Unless this is for public consumption, it's opposite what WTOP radio has been saying about GOP unity

Video from the protest of Trump's visit to GOP bigwigs at the Capitol Hill Club

Protesting Donald Trump at the Capitol Hill Club

Verizon CWA White House March and Picket

Video of picket and march to the White House by striking CWA and IBEW Verizon workers.

Speakers in order of appearance:
MD Del. Jimmy Tarlau (D) District 47a
MD Sen. Manno, Roger (D), District 19
MD Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D) District 21
Donna S. Edwards Secretary-Treasurer MD State & DC AFL-CIO
Carlos Jimenez Metro Washington Council Executive Director AFL-CIO
Eve Lott Union Member
Willie T Perkins III, Union Member, and family
Andre Taylor "Bernardo" member 2108, union member, spoken word poet