Labor activists march into Wal-Mart, demand fired pregnant worker's job back

Wal-Mart fired Arleja Stevens for pregnancy-related absences two years after agreeing never to do so. On May 25, she walked back into the H st Wal-Mart to demand her job back. She was backed by activists from Making Change at Walmart and DC Jobs with Justice. The manager objected to protesters inside the store but accepted a copy of DC laws pertaining to pregnancy and employment and agreed to meet with her in an "open door" session at 10AM on May 26, 2016. If she does not get her job back protesters will target Wal-Mart's main corporate office in DC on the 7th of June.

Video-marching into Wal-Mart to demand Arleja Stevens's job back

Pickets continue at Verizon Wireless stores

Verizon has still not signed a contract to end the strike by tens of thousands of Verizon and Verizon Wireless workers. Pickets are ongoing at Verizon Wireless stores all over DC. On Tuesday, May 10 one of these pickets was at the L st and Connecticut Ave stores.

The second shift of the day picketing Verizon Wireless's L st and Connecticut Ave storee at about 5:30PM on May 10

Striking Verizon workers, union allies picket Verizon Wireless store

On the 5th of May, striking Verizon workers backed by many other unions showed up to picket the Verizon Wireless store on F st, asking people NOT to shop there. Verizon workers have warned "no contract, no work" and are backing it up with this strike. One of the issues is Verizon wants to outsource their jobs. Another is that only a tiny raise (possibly less than inflation) is being offered while Verizon has made $1.5 Billion dollars a month each month this year. Verizon has decided not to expand FIOS fiber service nor employee wages, choosing instead to expand CEO pay. CEO Ivan G Seidenberg is being paid $36M a year with salary and bonuses. That's enough to buy a 2008 Gulfstream G-550 corporate jet listed on an aviation website for $23M with $13M left over. Meanwhile Verizon workers are offered only what strikers described as a net $200 a month raise

Video from the F st Verizon store picket

ATU protests low wages for DC Circulator drivers

On the 3ed of May, members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1764 showed up at the DC Circulator's garage in NE to demand that First Transit pay the Circulator's drivers a living wage. The DC Circulator is outsourced to First Transit, so their drivers are not covered by ATU's contract with Metrobus. Circulator drivers are paid a full $10 an hour less than Metrobus drivers to do the exact same work due to this outsourced contract. ATU is now in the third round of contract negotiations with First Transit in an effort to get fair pay for DC Circulator drivers.

Photo by UFCW

Tipped workers demand $15 an hour at National Restaurant Association

On the 12th of April, restaurant workers protested first at the DC Council, then at the Ronald Reagan Building demanding that the minimum wage for tipped workers be raised from $2.77 an hour to $15 an hour. The National Restaurant Association ("other NRA") was meeting at the Reagan building. Outside, protesters offered a stack of bags of ice as the "Frozen Wages Award" for former NRA CEO Herman Cain for his role in blocking prior increases in the mimimum wage for restaurant workers, who at "tipped employees" can make next to nothing if the restaurant is empty on a bad night.

Video from the protest for $15 an hour for tipped workers

Fighting for $15 against the National Restaurant Association

Contract food service workers picket USDA over demands for wage cuts

I.L. Creations or "In the Lord Creations" is a contract food service vender serving 18 Federal buildings in DC. On the 16th of March, some of their workers backed by Unite HERE picketed USDA over demands from I.L.Creations for wage and benefit cuts. At the same time they want givebacks from their workers, I.L Creations is considering buying a corporate jet, implying they have the money to pay a living wage.

Video of the picket at USDA(55 sec)

Picketing USDA over food service contractor's wage cut demands

Argentina Lower House Repeals Laws to Support Hedge Fund Debt Deal

Argentina's lower house of Congress voted 165-86 to repeal two laws that blocked the country from settling its decade-long debt dispute with a group of "hold-out" investors. A US judge approved the $4.65 billion agreement on March 2 on the condition that Argentina's congress revoke the two laws.‎ Argentina's Senate now faces an April 14 deadline to also repeal the laws.

Labor Activists storm National Retail Federation demanding living wage and predictable hours

On the 12th of February, many hundreds of labor activsts were in town for the National Jobs With Justice Conference. In late afternoon a massive march left the conference. The march divided into two, with the restarant workers going to the DC Chamber of Commerce and the retail workers marching on the National Retail Federation's DC headquarters. At the National Retail Federation, marchers stormed the building because of this organization's active lobbying against living wage legislation and legislation to stop "just in time" scheduling that leaves workers with unpredictable hours.

Video of labor activists storming the National Retail Federation(3 min)

The view from the back of the lobby where cops kept workers from going to the elevators to go up to the National Retail Federation's offices

Storming National Retail Federation for fair pay and hours