Migrants march on White House against Trump's ICE raids

On the 11th of February, migrants and their supporters marched on the White House against the wave of immigration raids that have swept several states this weekend. The DC march was completed without incident, but a similar march in New York City was assaulted by police and several marchers there were arrested after taking to the streets.

Video of the march originally uploaded to Twitter by Nancy Trevino

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#NoWallNoBan White House Rally and March

YouTube Live refeed of the White House rally and march to the Capitol 


Trump is After Us, DC Support Us Rally In Front of the DC City Council

YouTube Live video of the rally on January 26 to support the Muslim communtiy currently being targeted by Donald Trump's executive order banning entry to "foreign born" individuals from specific Muslim majority countries. This comes on the heels of orders to build a wall along the US/Mexico border , and targeting "sanctuary cities".

Detention of refugee families draws protesters airports, White House, Trump Hotel

Jan 29 just before midnight:EFF reports CBP demanding social media information (presumably accounts & passwords) from Muslims returning to the US

Jan 29:Report of five year old detained, kept from mother at unknown airport in defiance of court-ordered stay on Trump's executive order. Mass protests continuing. Locally protests at BWI, White House, Trump Hotel.

Jan 28: Reports that at least one refugee family and maybe more had been detained at Dulles International Airport drew protesters to the airport.

Jan 29 BWI: Thousands (according to CBS) protest at BWI against migrant ban/detentions

Jan 29 Trump Hotel: Protesters fill entire area near Trump Hotel (video by Jessica Abrahams)

Jan 28 Dulles: Terry McAuliffe Speaks at Dulles Against Muslim Ban (youtube repost of ABC News video)

Protest at BWI Airport on Jan 29. This protest later overflowed this part of the terminal, occupying two levels and this whole end of the airport

Thousands protest Trump's vist to Philadelphia

On the 26th of January, Donald Trump appeared at a 3 day GOP retreat in downtown Philiadelphia just blocks from the historic City Hall building. Several thousand protesters marched to the police barricades just one block away. Three issues dominated the protests: healthcare, the Keystone/DAPL pipeline executive orders, and Trump's racist wall/sanctuary city/deportation executive orders.

Video highlights from march against Trump in Philadelphia